25 Beautiful Diamond Rings in the World and their Significance

Diamonds in any shape, size and colour has very always been attractive for jewellery designing. It gives a new definition to your simplified personality when adorned. Generally diamond has many meanings but in a whole, the main symbolism of diamonds is love, wealth and truth. It is named as the King of Gems as it the most precious stone among all other.


Among the jewellery, ring has its own unique importance. And if the ring is studded with lovely diamonds, the value of the ring increases. Any wedding ring, engagement ring or even a simple ring when is decorated with even a small diamond looks attractive than others.

25 Popular and Latest Real Diamond Rings for Women and Men:

Let’s have a glance of some small and big Real diamond ring designs with meanings and pictures.

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1. Braided Design Diamond Rings for Girls:


Looking for something stylish! Try a diamond ring design with the design inspired by a hairstyle. A braid design ring made from gold and diamonds gives a fashionable look with simplicity on ethnic wear specially lehengas. The lovely design is studded with tiny CZ diamonds. The design simply signifies truth, power and direction.

2. Sapphire Diamond Ring in White Gold:


Want to wear a gemstone along with diamonds for a unique and heavenly look. Try a design including a sapphire stone, tiny sparkling diamonds and white gold. A medium sized sapphire is surrounded with tiny diamonds giving a floral design look. The design symbolises royalty, wisdom, faith, hope and good luck. It gives a delicate look on casuals and also for regular wear.

3. Diamond Ring Leaf Design:


The design inspired by the nature is the one made out with leaves. The ring is made with gold and leaves design. Diamonds are studded at the edge of the leaves to define the shape. Gold lines are made in between the leaves give a delicate look. The design represents fertility, growth and purity. It gives a stunning look over any outfit specially designer dresses.

4. Lotus Engagement Diamond Rings for Women:


A wonderful diamond ring for women with a lotus design looks amazing in the ringer finger of any female. The gold ring is given the shape of two lotus in opposition. Diamonds are fixed in the between section and the middle petal of the lotus. The design signifies fertility,  growth, healing power and truth. It looks stunning on any religious functions or for engagement functions.

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5. Mens Diamond Ring for Wedding:


Not only the girls, but the boys also have the fantasy to have diamond rings. One such design of the diamond ring design is constructed with gold. A thick ring is later studded with several small diamonds in white and brownish colour. The ring gives a stylish and rich look over suits and ethnic wear. It can be a perfect wedding gift to the groom.

6. Wine Branch Ring Design for Bridal:


Want to wear something designer for special occasions or want to gift your beloved a designer ring! Try a ring made of gold and designed with wine branches. The design of the leaves is given a studded diamond look to increase its charm. The ring gives a marvellous look for even casual wear. The design symbolises royalty, progress, femininity and fertility. The ring can be a stunning gift on weddings.

7. Three Diamond Ring for Engagement:


A simple but yet soffesticated design which has its own unique importance is the one having three diamonds. A design of diamond engagement rings looks quite amazing on sherwani and kurta. The ring Is made of rose gold and studded with three diamonds. The design represents the past, present and future theory. It also symbolises the three main relationship in anyone’s life that is love, friendship and fidelity.

8. Pink and White Diamond Ring for Men and Women:


Also known as Kaido in Gujarat, the ring can be worn by both men and women. The design is made with white and pink diamond stones studded in a white gold ring. The ring looks lavishing in weddings giving a royal look. The design symbolises royalty, wealth, glamour, peace and tranquillity. It is highly carried on lehengas and heavy sarees by women and on kurta or sherwani by men.

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9. Ethnic Teardrop Design Ring Diamond:


Ethnic designs have always been adorable to carry on. A ring design when given an ethnic look gives a classy look. A ring diamond of brownish colour and tear drop shape is fixed in a white gold ring with several tiny diamonds around it. It is widely worn by the western brides as wedding gift which is a part of marriage ritual from the family of the boy.

10. Simple Diamond Ring for Men on Engagement:


Want to have a simple but sensual gift for your to be husband! Have a look at the bold and elegant design of diamond engagement ring. The ring is made with gold a and studded with diamond at a fixed gap. The design gives a simplified personality to the wearer. When worn on the ring finger, it represents protection, deep love, sensuality, attraction and leadership.

11. Crown Designed Ring Diamond:


Want to give your angel a gift that would give her a message that she is the princess of your heart! Here is a diamond ring design that would share your feelings and message to her. The ring made out of platinum is given the design of a crown studded with diamonds. The ring also includes a heart design to add to its sensuality. It looks delicate and trendy on any outfit.

12. Betrothal Diamond Ring Design for Women:


A clumsy but elegant look can be adopted with the help of a Betrothal diamond ring. The ring is made with platinum or white gold, and is studded with a crystal white diamond stone of medium size, while its surrounded with tiny diamonds giving a lavishing design. It is a classic design which looks amazing on any outfit specially designer dresses and palazzo.

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13. Black and White Diamond Rings:


Black diamonds are considered negative or death symbol in few culture and hence is not accepted as a wedding ring. But some of the castes take it as a sensual gift for the new couple as it symbolises a strong bond of love for the new couples. The black and white diamond wedding rings are made in platinum and black and white tiny diamonds. The center diamond is a medium sized black diamond. It also symbolises love, passion, strength and good fortune.

14. Infinite Diamond Ring in Gold:


Want a simple but fashionable ring design to be carried in functions and regular basis! A design forming the symbol of infinite is the best for your choice. The gold ring can also be made with platinum or rose gold to give a elegant look. The ring design is decorated with tiny clear diamonds on the curve. The ring design represents infinite love, passion, empowerment and eternity. It is the best simple gift for your someone special.

15. Triangular Big Diamond Ring:


A triangular shaped diamond ring looks amazing on the fingers for small functions or parties and even for regular use. The diamond ring for women is made from platinum or white gold, and given a triangle shaped charm studded in diamond. The stylish ring represents the Trinity of love, friendship and fidelity. It also symbolises faith, love, loyalty and sensuality.

16. Beautiful Curvy Diamond Ring and Meanings:


Want to have a trendy look with ethnic combination! A ring diamond design with several curvy lines forming a knot gives a stunning and bold look. Made out of rose gold, the ring is embossed with crystal white diamonds to add to nuts beauty. The ring has its own importance when worn on the first finger which represents leadership, ambition and decision making power.

17. Bird Diamond Ring for Girls:


A ring design with a beautiful bird design looks amazing when combined with a diamond. The diamond and gold ring is given the design of a dove bird which actually symbolises love. The ring suits any outfit. It can be a lovable gift to your special girl on valentines day. The main symbolism of the ring is love, passion, life and romance.

18. Religious Diamond Ring Name:

A pious ring showing the dedication towards God and spirituality looks amazing for religious functions and also for regular wear. The gold ring is given the name of Jesus and a small but shiny diamond is attached to it giving a delicacy look. The ring can be a lovely gift to someone whom you care for or are protecting. It symbolises love, faith, hope and good luck.

19. Peacock Diamond Ring Design:


When jewellery is designed in a peacock design it has its own unique attraction. Similarly, when a peacock design is given to a ring, it gives various colors too. A platinum ring is given a peacock design which is studded with blue colours diamonds to give a colourful texture. The ring best suits on dress and sarees. Such rings represents happiness, purity, femininity, love etc.

20. Three Butterfly Diamond Ring in Rose Gold:


Butterfly design have always been attractive to the girls of any age. A lovely diamond ring for women made with rose gold and diamonds gives a marvellous and funky look to the wearer. The three butterfly design is given different colour diamonds which makes it colourful. The ring is widely carried on casuals. The design symbolises royalty, wealth, health and freedom.

21. Bow Diamond Ring:


A cute and delicate ring design among various is the one with a bow design. The black diamond ring is made out of platinum or sterling silver and is studded with white and black CZ diamonds which form the shape of a bow. It us a design widely carried on casuals and parties or also in offices to give a charming and cozy look. The design represents femininity, love and affection.

22. Toe Diamond Rings for Married Women:


Toe rings have their own importance in the Hindu weddings. And when the rings are decorated with diamonds it gives a catchy look. The toe ring is studded with tiny clear diamonds on black and white to give a charming and glamorous look to the bride. The ring expresses the feeling such as love, attraction, care, passion and sensuality.

23. Latest Loop Diamond Ring:


Want to wear something trendy! The new and latest designs among the diamond ring design is the loop diamond ring design. The gold ring is studded with diamonds of crystal white colour. The design with its various curves gives an amazing and bold look. It suits among all fancy and trendy outfit. The design represents rebirth, fertility, immorality, divinity and femininity.

24. Dolphin Designed Diamond Rings for Teens:


A diamond ring design getting popular among the girls of teens is that with the design of a dolphin. A silver ring made of platinum and sterling silver has the design of dolphin holding a white diamond. It gives a simplified personality to be the wearer over any outfit. It symbolises rebirth and renewal. When worn on the ring finger it also brings good luck. It is the best gift in friendship.

25. Gold Tortoise Diamond Ring:


The tortoise is said to be a symbol of love and good luck. A diamond ring designs with a tortoise design is worn on the index finger. The design is made with gold carrying a tortoise studded with diamonds. The design is worn for regular wear. It symbolises love, good luck, creation and wisdom. The ring when gifted to someone special for occasions like marriage, religious functions, small occasions etc.

It is said that diamond is forever. The diamond rings in any design looks amazing and attractive. It is a special gift to the newly wedded and also for baby shower. It is the most precious gemstone. The jewellery designed in diamonds give a royal look. The bridal wear jewellery are always studded with diamonds to give a new glamour to the bride. The diamond wedding ring plays the role of commitment from the bride and the groom for a unbreakable relation with deep love.