3 Best Colors of Sapphire Stones for Decorate Jewellery

The sapphire gemstones considered the birthstone of the September born people is also defined the most precious and valuable of gemstones. The durability, color excellence and hardness are incomparable. It is also largely desirable among people for its lustrous and glamorous look. The blue sapphire particularly is known for its exoticness. The Kashmir blue sapphire and the cornflower blue sapphires are the best stones. Other extremely valuable sapphire stones are the pink-orange and the color changing sapphires that change the color according to the lighting falling upon it.

Sapphire Gemstones

September Birthstone Jewellery:

The yellow and pink sapphires are now gradually becoming popular among people these days. Here look at our 9 best Sapphire Stones with images.

1. Blue Sapphire Stone Stud Pendant:

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Stud Pendan

The most demanding blue sapphire gemstone diamond pendants are the most beautiful jewel pieces in any ones jewelry collection. The royal blue sapphire gemstone cushion cut stud in the midst of other white gemstones look adorable and precious in the form of a pendant.

2. Yellow Sapphire Stone Wedding Ring:

Yellow sapphire gemstone wedding ring

The yellow sapphire gemstones wedding rings are just the wish of many colored stone lovers. The yellow sapphire gemstone surrounded with white gemstones look as pretty as the entire ring looks when worn.

3. Natural Blue Sapphire Stone Bracelet:

Blue sapphire gemstone bracelet

What else can be needed when beautiful blue sapphire stones incredibly sparkle on our wrist? The brilliant pattern of the white and blue sapphire stones designed in a pattern making an adorable wrist bangle suits well for statement jewelry.

4. Heart Pendant with Blue Sapphire Gemstone:

Heart pendant with blue sapphire gemstone

Sapphire birthstones not only make difference in the living of people but also beautifully adorn on their neck line or fingers or hands. The beautiful blue and white sapphires stud in the heart pendant looks so incredible when worn in a platinum chain. The beautiful pattern looks incredible.

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5. Vintage Yellow Sapphire Stone Pendant Necklace:

Vintage yellow sapphire gemstone pendant necklace

Yellow sapphire stones have a brilliant shine in the cuttings and tones. The cushion cut yellow sapphire can be worn as a pendant in a chain. The yellow sapphire stone works more when it keeps touching the body on the neckline. The effect of wearing the gemstone works well.

6. Blue Sapphire Square Gemstone on a Silver Wire Bracelet:

Blue sapphire square gemstone on a silver wire bracelet

The blue sapphire stone price is comparatively high than any other gemstone. Wearing a blue sapphire on the ankle wrist in incredible bracelet jewelry would look so adorable, cute and charming. The platinum or sterling silver made bracelet brings more shine on the sapphire stone.

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7. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Stud Pendant and Earring Set:

Yellow sapphire gemstone stud pendant and earring set

A pendant set of three yellow sapphire stones stud in a set of pendant and earrings look so dynamic and stunning when worn as statement jewelry. The dark shade yellow sapphire stones shine bright in sunlight.

8. Fancy White Sapphire Stone Engagement Ring:

White sapphire gemstone engagement ring

White sapphire stones are very rare and chosen by few people to wear as a gemstone. The white diamonds are Chosen more but people in search of the original white sapphire gemstone they have to check for the real ones.

9. Star Sapphire Gemstone Pendant:

Star sapphire gemstone pendant

The star sapphire stone are the precious stones found in real originals are very rare and found with some jewelers only. The star shine strokes on the stones define the star sapphires. Available in almost all shades the star sapphires are generally dull in color but have the starry strokes that give a glitter to the stone.

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The sapphire gemstones are popularly used to decorate the jewelries. Used more in ornaments, it is largely worn by both men and women. The finest blue sapphires with the deep blues and other variety in blues are well known for its transparency and rare availability. Apart from the blue, sapphire stones of the yellow, pink, white, green, purple, orange, and black colors also very much desired and famous colors of sapphire gemstones.

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