5 Ways to Shine Through Glam Accessories

5 Ways to Shine Through Glam Accessories

The interest of women for fashion and beauty is no surprise for anyone and especially if we’re talking on how the evolution of designers, trends and collections have affected the street style. By transforming usual clothing wear into art on the runway, designers have experienced and took their creativity to the limits, but on the other hand have influenced women from around the world to find their unique sense of style and express it through fashion.

Celebrities have had a major influence over regular women’s perspective for a long time. Strong independent ladies from the film industry or the music one have been considered always an inspiration and iconic figures for every woman, but finding their own style may no be very easy for some, especially for those who don’t spend a fortune on clothes and that’s why the best way to look fabulous and chic through easy clothes and spectacular accessories that will grab all the attention. Find out next how to spice up every outfit with glamorous accessories!

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Every celebrity knows that hitting rightly the red carpet with the most beautiful outfit is not the easiest thing, because some go too simple and don’t stand out from the audience and others come overly styled up circus inspired. The best way to make your head-to-toe look be surprising and unexpected is to choose for simple things with complicated details. You can easily take a boring plain little black dress but with the perfect pair of shoes your outfit moves from not to hot, so that’s why playing with accessories is a fun game that benefits you and sure, you will probably have to invest more in shoes if that’s the way you want to shine.

Also, remember that one outfit can shine without glitter or sequins, by looking glamorous only through your presence, elegance or impressive chromatic theme. Don’t be afraid to play with colors, because mixing them will improve your artistic skills too. Try to move away from the matchy-matchy type of accessories and go for eccentric pumps that reveal a sense of sophistication to yourself through details.

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Shoes and bags are probably those two accessories that shouldn’t be accessories in the first place because they are definitely an essential to every outfit. If without your sunglasses, necklaces, earrings and hats you can make an appearance, without your handbags and shoes you can’t, so that’s why trying to find the right handbags for any occasion may not be so easy.

Of course, there are a few classic bags that every woman should have in their wardrobe because that will save them every time when they can’t find anything to wear, like one leather office bag, a maxi beach bag and one fancy special clutch.

If in your outfit you’re trying to put accent on your bag, the easiest way is to keep it simple with the rest of your clothes, no too much color and no too much shapes or details. Find your style and keep up with it by using the best accessories to go along, including your bags. Take different sizes of bags, from small to extra big if that’s what you like, but try to choose diverse details that makes everyone of these items special. For some you can go for one color-piece, others with studs details and some with disco sequin influences, it’s your choice.

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For the hot season a pair of sunglasses is definitely an essential not only because you style an entire outfit up in second with only one accessory, but it also protects you from the sun which seems to be more damaging than ever and there’s no way to escape than with a sophisticated pair of shades. If you haven’t decided yet what type of sunglasses to buy for yourself we advice you to choose from Aviator shades to Ray-Ban Wayfarers, futuristic inspired ones or vintage.


As you’ve seen it with the sunglasses, the hats are a must-have item for this season too, because it adds a new different perspective over your personal style, makes every plain outfit look fabulous and it protects you like the shades do. Whether you’re wearing the hat to look more stylish or simply to protect yourself, it doesn’t matter because it’s a win-win situation for you.

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The accessories that women will always fall in love with, at first sight are the jewelry. From pearls to diamonds, bracelets to necklaces, rings or earring, it doesn’t matter. When we’re talking about jewelry we don’t follow any new fashion trends, because every single piece is unique in their own way and the older they are the better. Jewelry are the one type of gift that a woman will never complain about, because they know that one elegant and expensive gift like that comes straight from the heart and that makes women feel even more special and appreciated.

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