9 Beautiful Antique Earrings Jewellery Designs

An earring is jewellery that is worn around the ear via piercing in the earlobe such that it is easily inserted. Ear piercing is done from early years, which was the beginning to start wearing jewellery. Each earring in history gave a reference of their culture.

It enhances the beauty of one. Antique earring is one of the earrings form that desirable because of its age, beauty, rarity, condition and other unique feature. The antique earrings also represent a previous era or time period in human society. These antique earrings are in trend nowadays and are in high demand because there looks.

Antique Silver and Gold Earrings Designs:

There are various varieties in antique earrings that makes one confuse to add which one to their accessory box. Here are some beautiful antique earrings designs.

1. Antique Cameo Earrings in Gold:

antique earrings

The cameo earrings have short descriptive literary sketch which neatly encapsulates someone or something. This earring have an oval shape cameo cased in the gold dangle. Its look very unique and can be worn on traditional dresses.

2. Chinese Antique Earrings for Girls:


The Chinese earrings are mostly cool looking and are funky. These are best suited to teens. This earring has a very cute design having some beads and a bird.

3. Antique Hoop Earrings:


The antique hoop earrings are large round earrings with artistic designs. This antique jewellery earring has stars and moon in crafted and will look beautiful who has long neck such that the earring is clearly visible.

4. Long Antique Earrings:


The long earrings cover the portion below ear completely. They give a very elegant look. This paan- style long earring has four paan designs connected with each other with crystal in between.

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5. Gold Antique Earrings:


There are immense numbers of antique gold earrings but this earring has exceptional looks as it is neatly crafted and stones combination is different. This will well go with the traditional outfits.

6. Silver Antique Earrings:


Silver earrings give a dazzling look. This antique silver earring has diamonds all over and is twinkling like a star. The wearer of this earring will stand out of crowd because of its beauty.

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7. Antique Stud Earrings for Women:


The studs earring are easily worn by any age group and this kundan floral earring is overloaded with it beautification. They can be worn on any occasion giving stunning look to one.

8. Designer Antique Stones Earrings:


There are many gemstones available and earrings of them are truly magnificent. This ruby stone antique earring is cased in gold with diamonds. The upward and downward tear drop design is a unique design in itself.

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9. Pearl Drop Antique Earrings:


The pearl earring has been worn by many queens as it gives a very royal look. Pearls obtained from the deep sea have the same beauty as in the sea. This pearl drop antique earring is attached with silver metal with combination of diamonds. This will perfectly give the queen look to the wearer.

As antique earrings are hard to find and have already been owned by people but these antiquing designs looks the same and one can easily get them. They are made with special features and designs to make them look alike and enhance the look of the one who is wearing it. They even give the information of fashion trend in history. Antique earrings have unique designs which out stand it from others and colours to one status symbol. When worn they steal all attention to itself and makes the wearer look fab.