9 Beautiful Designs of Gemstone Pendants for Women

Gemstones are colorful stones that may be natural or synthetic. The gemstones used to make jewelry are bright and beautiful and have a brilliant shine. Gemstone pendants can be made using gold or silver. They can be cut into shapes or left natural too. Choose your best option to give you a glamorous lift.

Latest and Attractive Gemstone Pendants for Girls in Fashion:

Here are the best gemstones pendants designs with images.

1. Natural Gemstone Pendants:

gemstone pendants

Get this natural gemstone pendant that has a beautiful teal color that is gorgeous. The large gemstone set in silver is very pretty. The silver frame work is very intricate too. The oval cut of the gemstone is perfect for pendants and is great for casual wear too.

2. Gold Gemstone Pendant:

Gold Gemstone Pendant2

Choose a gold gemstone pendant necklace that stands out from the rest. This 14K yellow gold necklace has an amethyst pendant that is oval cut. The clarity of the amethyst gemstone is very high and the brilliance is seen in its cut. The gemstone is set in gold with gold clamps that can be seen on the front side of the pendant.

3. Multi Gemstone Pendant:

Multi gemstone pendant

Why go for a single gemstone pendant when you have many. Choose this stunning multi gemstones pendant that has many colored gemstones set in an asymmetrical design. This wonderful gemstone pendant is great to wear for occasions and parties.

4. Hexagonal Gemstone Pendant:

Hexagonal gemstone pendant

This contemporary design is quite a striking piece. The gemstone here is cut in a hexagonal shape and the top of the pendant is set in silver. The pendant cap has some designs that incorporate some more gemstones. The tip of the hexagonal gemstone is like a pencil tip and this makes the pendant very quirky.

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5. Hanging Gemstone Pendant:

Hanging gemstone pendant

This eye catching green gemstone pendant is something you will love to own. The gemstone is cut in a cylindrical shape and cut in the center. The silver pendant is then strung through this gemstone so that it appears the gemstone is hanging. This also makes the gemstone roll round around the pendant.

6. Bottle Charm Gemstone Pendant:

Bottle Charm gemstone pendant

This one is for every fashion crazy person. The awesome pendant is made of a bottle shape charm that is filled in with tiny gemstones. The bottle cap is also made of gemstone in the shape of a cap. The whole charm is then strung on a thin silver chain that makes the necklace irresistible.

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7. Wire Wrapping Gemstone Pendant:

Wire wrapping gemstone pendant

Here is cool DIY technique that you can do. The natural cut gemstones are wrapped in wire and this gives these gemstone pendants a simple yet elegant look. The colors of the gemstones make a lot of difference too. Choose colors that are more transparent as they will reflect light and look gorgeous.

8. Silver Gemstone Pendant:

Silver gemstone pendant

Get yourself a dainty silver gemstone pendant in a heart shape. This spectacular silver pendant has a dazzling red garnet gemstone in a round shape that is set in the side of the pendant.  The heart shape pendants are one of the most common designs and many of them have gemstones set in. Choose one that you love and make it a personal sentimental favorite.

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9. Ribbon Gemstone Pendant:

Ribbon gemstone pendant

Most of the pendants that are made use silver, gold or other metal as chains. Here you have the option of using a ribbon to hang the pendant. The large gemstone pendant is a speckled agate green in color. The ribbon used here is the same green color and pairs well with the large gemstone.

Gemstone pendants can be large or tiny and either way they look brilliant. Some of the pendants are made and set in gold or silver while some even have colorful ribbons.