9 Beautiful Garden Umbrellas With Pictures

Some people keep these garden umbrellas as their passion and most of them have it one for their garden to get the benefits and the luxury of enjoying it with their family and friends. There are variant types in these garden umbrellas as they are manufactured and modeled in huge designs. They can also be customized and made for one’s desire. The garden umbrellas do exist in different colors and shapes too.

Best Garden Umbrellas:

Here are some of the eccentric models of the top 9 Garden Umbrellas,

1. Large Cantilever Garden Umbrellas:

 Large Cantilever Garden Umbrellas

This is a square garden umbrella in Toscana’s model, with a two layer canopy to allow ventilation. The pole is made using sturdy metal components to withstand the total weight of the canopy and the heavy ribs. The fixed height cantilever allows opening the canopy and also it can be adjusted by the single winch operating system.

2. Patio Table Set with Garden Umbrella:

Patio Table Set with Garden Umbrellas

It is the best ever outdoor furniture collection which has patio table and chairs with the garden umbrella. The table and chairs are made using wicker and teak. The frames and ribs are made with aluminum and wrought iron. It is easy to maintain and you would have great time sitting on this garden table umbrella outdoor, after a busy day.

3. Octagonal Cantilever Garden Umbrella:

Octagonal Cantilever Garden Umbrellas

You can have a wonderful experience with your family and friends along with this sun garden umbrella. These kinds invite you for both dining and deep seating experiences. It has 13 feet canopy which provides ample shade and protection from the harsh rays of sun.

4. Small Patio Garden Umbrellas:

Small Patio Garden Umbrellas

This set of small garden umbrella is based on the theme of Wall-Mart shaded patio interiors. They are extremely impressive with its seaters matching the canopy. It has the metal pole that is embedded on the table. The entire table set is made up of bamboo.

5. Striped Pattern Garden Umbrellas:

Striped Pattern Garden Umbrellas

Discover the beauty of this alluring white and black garden umbrella in a striped pattern. It is made using the polyester canopy with a hexagonal shape. It comes with the durable metal pole and also with metal stand which helps in keeping it wherever we desire.

6. Garden Umbrellas with Adjustable Shaft:

Garden Umbrellas with Adjustable Shaft

Here is the new invention in the series of outdoor garden umbrellas. You can see that the table and its chairs are totally fiber molded as one piece connected with some metal rods. The canopy is in blue and white shades with 40 inches diameter. They come with a sand filled carry bag stand to hold and keep it straight.

7. Textilene Fabric Garden Umbrellas:

Textilene Fabric Garden Umbrellas

These umbrellas are made using a textilene fabric with a coated mesh that gives approximately 80% sun protection. These sun umbrellas for garden are made using the technology called the crank lift mechanism. The canopy is supported by the heavy metal pole.

8. Beige Colored Canopy Garden Umbrellas:

Beige Colored Canopy Garden Umbrellas

It is made of the 350 Denier polyester fabrics and the canopy is whisper beige colored. This big garden umbrella is treated for the protection against the sun’s UV rays. It also has the feature of fire and water resistant.

9. Banana Model Garden Umbrella:

Banana Model Garden Umbrellas

This large garden umbrella can stand up to the height of 8 feet and the fabric is made with polyester and nylon materials. The model is named as Banana design and has the metal pole which is MS powder coated. The canopy of this garden patio umbrella has the measurement of 8.5 inches diameter.

These types of umbrellas are mainly categorized in two different categories- small and big patio umbrellas. Some of them come with the set of patio tables and some with their vast and huge patio sized canopy. Each one has its own characteristics since they are opted using different materials and models of the canopies. There is square, circle, hexagonal and octagonal shapes in the canopies. The materials chosen for the pole, frames ribs and canopies are also vital to the life of the umbrellas.