9 Beautiful Gold Plated Chains With Images

Gold plated chains are chains that are made in silver or copper and that have a thin layer of gold on the surface. The best part of the gold plating process is the reduction in the cost of the end product. Since the full chain is not made in gold, the price of the chain is much cheaper.

Latest Gold Plated Chains:

Here look at top 9 Gold Plated Chains which looks trendy. Select these chains gold plated for daily wear and you can pair it with any other jewelry easily.

1. 18K Gold Plated Chain:

Gold Plated Chains

This is a lovely braided gold plated chain in 18K. The chain comprises of thin gold lines joined together and then braided well. The chain can be unisex and is very simple and chic.

2. Chunky Gold Plated Chains For Men:

Chunky gold plated chain

This gold plated chain for men is bulky and chunky and it suits best for well-built men. The chain is made of light gold plating. If you love to flaunt your fashion then this the best gold plated mens chain.

3. Floral Gold Plated Chain:

Floral gold plated chain

This lovely piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for a girl. The dainty gold flowers attached in the chain make a very pretty finish. This floral chain is elegant and attractive and very delicate. It can be worn for occasions and daily wear too.

4. Flat Gold Plated Chain:

Flat gold plated chain

There are many varieties of gold plated chains. Among them is this flat chain that looks very sporty. The chain made in 18K or 24K plating is quite a spectacular piece. The chain has a dual tone effect that is attractive.

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5. Beaded Gold Plated Chain:

Buy a lovely valentine’s gift for your loved one and surprise her/him with this eye-catching gold plated chain. The best thing about this seemingly simple chain is the tiny gold plated beads set at intervals throughout the chain. The beads add a lovely dimension to this exquisite chain.

6. Solid Link Gold Plated Chain:

Solid link gold plated chain

Here you have a really solid link gold plated chain that looks heavy and intense. The chain is made up of several links that are intertwined together in a top down effect. This results in a loop by loop interconnection of the chain and a very sturdy chain.

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7. Diamond Gold Plated Chain:

Diamond and gold plated chain

Artificial and imitation jewelry is now very fashionable. This beautiful designer CZ diamond encrusted gold plated chain is created in a thick round shape. The fashion jewelry has a rich look and is perfect for occasion wear.

8. Stone Encrusted Gold Plated Chain:

Stone encrusted gold plated chain

Use of coral or any other colored gemstones along with gold plating brings out the beauty of the chain. Stones like black beads and coral are used here along with a central gold plated pendant. You can choose from different colors of gemstones that are synthetic. The shapes of the stones can vary from round and oval to square.

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9. 24K Gold Plated Chain for Men:

24K gold plated chain for men

Get this trendy men’s gold plated chain in 24K for the fashion conscious male. The chain is made of big loops that suit men and the finish is flat. Select this manly chain as a gift for a groom or for any special occasion.

Mens Gold plated chains can be chunky or flat. The gold can be 18K, 22K or 24K. This plating results in a glistening surface and shine that gold gives. Select these best gold plated chains for daily wear and you can pair it with any other jewelry easily.