9 Best Designs of Antique Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is a most ancient traditional art of the craftsmen of India. The Temple jewelry first was originally made for the God and Goddesses of Indian culture. Then the classical dancers accepted to wear the ornaments as a part of their dancing costumes. Long temple necklaces and bangles etc. were widely used by Bharatnatyum and Kuchhipudi dancers.

antique temple jewellery

Slowly all women in India loved to wear them. And today all foreign countries too love to have the temple jewelry for themselves.

Different Types of  Antique Temple Jewellery:

When we come onto purchasing temple jewelry. Antique temple jewellery is the best among the treasures of gold and silver. Here we have some beautiful and awesome unique designs of antique temple jewellery are as follows.

1. Antique Temple Jewellery Necklace:


This is an ancient design of temple jewellery necklace. The beauty of the work can be seen in the fine work with accuracy and hard work. The necklace is made with the symbols of goddesses in the center pendant and the same with the other attachments of the necklace.

2. Antique Temple Jewelry Open Screw Bangles:


These are bangles of the temple jewellery designs. Here they have used ginni coins to makes the ancient design of temple jewelry, a fine piece of work. The simple design of ginni coins give a rich effect to your dressing.

3. Antique Pendant In Temple Jewelry:


Here is an awesome design of a pendant set which is beautifully carved in gold with studded rubies and emeralds. The antique design of the pendant gives the best example of temple jewelry. The pendant is made on gold with more of diamond look.

4. An Ancient Work In Temple Tikka:


You can see here is a bridal tikka made in gold temple jewelry design. The work on the tikka is made with studding diamonds rubies and pearls in the gold. A wonderful art piece. Temple jewelry is used for marriages; the bride normally goes for temple jewelry only.

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5. A Temple Jewelry Waist Belt:


We have here is a waist belt with the original design of ancient temple jewelry. An awesome work of the craftsmen. The waist belt is totally made with deity symbols to give it a traditional look. South Indian women mostly wear waist belt more comparatively than other women. Their weddings and classical dancers wear waist belts of temple designs.

6. Traditional Antique Jhumka With Nakshi:


Here are jhumkas with traditional nakshikaam done by Indian craftsmen. The jhumkas are an excellent example of temple antique jewellery. The jhumkas are beautifully stoned with rubies emeralds and pearls hanging. They will give an ethnic effect to your dressing.

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7. Bajuband The Antique Temple Jewelry:


Bajuband is a bracelet kind of ornament worn on the upper part of the arm. This is a beautiful work of a bajuband. Here the bajuband is beautifully designed and decorated with rubies and emeralds on the godly design. God and goddesses were being offered bajubands. Now even women commonly wear them.

8. Brooches In Ancient Temple Jewelry:


Here is a sari pin made in a temple jewelry design worn by many women on their sarees. This is an original traditional design of temple jewelry.  Brooches come in many designs and metals. Usually used to pin up sarees.

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9. Temple Jewelry Designed Hair Pins:


The hair pins are also design with the beautiful work of temple jewellery. The work of the traditional jewelry is loved in wedding occasions a lot. Classical dancers and Indian brides used hair brooches on their wedding occasions and dances.

So here we have a lot of jewelry designs that are beautifully carved and decorated with the ancient antique temple jewelry. We have necklaces, bridal sets, tikka, bracelets, bajuband, hairpins, and brooches, etc. many more ornaments that are made with the temple designs and in gold, silver and other metals too.

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