9 Best & Latest Designer Clock Designs With Pictures

Wall clocks have always been the all-time home décor and also as a foremost essential for a home. That too, if it is a designer series, then it would be definitely appealing and becomes the most vital part of the home. Most of us love to have the designer wall clocks in their living room. There are a variety of designer clock designs to choose from different shapes and sizes. According to the room size, one can opt for the best suitable shape, size and variety to enhance the beauty of their home interiors.

Latest Designer Clock Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 9 cool and modern designer clock designs with images. Let’s have a look in to them.

1. Round Dial Shaped Designer Clocks:

designer clock designs

Get the best ever series in the designer wall clocks that can be used both in-home and hotels. It measures about 20-30 inches in its diameter that is bit a large designer wall clock. The dial shape used in this model is round-shaped.

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2. Plastic Black Designer Wall Clock:

Plastic Black Designer Wall Clocks

Have a look on this latest designer wall clock for the modern times with high quality. It comes with superior quality branded movement machine that guarantees accurate time environment. It is black round-shaped wall lock with 28cm diameter.

3. Peacock Designed Large Designer Wall Clocks:

Peacock Designed Large Designer Clocks

Put your glance on this awesome large designer clock that has a peacock design. It has the round shaped base clock with the embellishments all around it. As the feathers of peacock, mirrored glass appliqués are adjoined with it.

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4. Floral Round Wood Designer Clocks:

Floral Round Wood Designer Clocks

Admire the beauty and shine of this designer clock that is made with black carves base. This is premier designed wall clock that is in round shape and in black colour. The material used for the manufacture of this clock is wood.

5. Unique Numbered Designer Wall Clock:

Unique Numbered Designer Wall Clocks

Make your choice unique with this extraordinary collection of the best designer clock with the latest design. It has figured with numbers that are projected outside the edges of the wall clock. The specialty of this black coloured model is its numbering pattern both inside and outside the clock.

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6. Contemporary Kitchen Utensils Designer Clocks:

Contemporary Kitchen Utensils Designer Clocks

Give your kitchen the classic contemporary touch with the art of the kitchen utensils wall clock. This designer kitchen wall clock is featuring with the silver toned shimmering kitchen utensils. It is also featured with unique minute and hour hands as a knife and fork respectively.

7. Mushroom Shaped Wooden Designer Clock:

Spice up your kitchen with this mushroom shaped designer clock that is in bright red shade. It stimulates the appetite being the vest eggs series in home décor. This designer kitchen clock is made up of contemporary compressed woods.

8. White and Black Shaded Designer Digital Clock:

Take a look over this designer digital wall clock that best suits the interiors which has the theme colour such as the white and black. It is rectangular shaped digital clock that displays calendar with temperature. It also has the capability of measuring the temperature outside the room even and has alarming facilities too.

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9. Bird’s Designer Wall Clock:

Get the branded designer clocks with the coolest collection of designs that may match up your senses for which you were in search of. It has the beautiful bird picture adjacent to the round based dial. The entire set is carved beautifully in wood with minute hand works.

The designer clock designs come in different categories. There are plenty of models meant for the purpose of the respective rooms. If it is a kitchen, then the models are manufactured according to the kitchen interiors. If it opts for a bedroom, then they are carefully chosen to best suit the needs. There are also options for living room, dining and also for hotels and offices.