9 Bright and Light Pink Colored Jeans and Types

Jeans trousers and pants are such a design of outfit that can never go out of fashion. The craze for jeans has proven evergreen in fashion houses. Jeans have today made a signature impact over the youth and even any age person. From kids to oldies jeans have its variation in designs and colors to make you look prettier.


Youngsters have plenty of choices in the look of jeans that they can change their pairs of skinny jeans or straight legged jeans every day with a new look. The seasons of fashion in jeans have also thrown light on the pink shades of jeans in women and men.

Different Types of Pink Jeans for Women and Men:

Here are the 9 beautiful pink shaded jeans are enlisted below with images.

1. Low Waist Pink Jeans:

pink jeans

The low waist jeans are a type of pants for girls who are bold in their nature and are less shy in wearing bold looks. The low waist jeans are worn below waist line even below the navel. The low waist jeans are also known as the low-rise pants, low-cut, hipster or low riders. A pink shade with such a shaped jeans cut can look sexy with a short top or even a similar matching t-shirt.

2. Trouser High Waist Skinny Pink Jeans:


High waist pink jeans look cool on any lady to attract your surroundings. Neon pink adds a lovely eye catching effect to the dressing. One can even wear a designer or black belt on neon pink jeans to match a beautiful accessory. A tugged in blouse goes great with a high waist pinky jean pant.

3. Wide Legs Pink Jeans:


Pink color is a favorite to almost all ladies all over the world. Girls loving a different look every time with the same jeans can also make a spectacular impact on pink wide legged jeans with different tops on it. Wide leg pink jeans for women can be accompanied with loose shirts or even skinny t-shirts. A white shirt with a long neck piece with a pink pair of jeans will make you look fantastic.

4. Light Pink Zippered Jeans:


Zippered Pink jeans are a comfortable in wearing and it looks awesome when skin fit to the legs. The pair of pink jeans for women makes its impact on the wearer as well the viewers. The light pink shade and the comforting stitch make the figure look appealing. A short blouse goes fantastic with the zippered pink jeans.

5. Hot Pink Capri Jeans:


A pink Capri jean is pair of trouser any girl would love to have in her wardrobe. The chic look of the pink Capri jeans with a pair of high heel full covered footwear gives a stupendous look to your long legs.

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6. Boot Cut Pink Jeans:


A pink boot cut jeans is a perfect jeans trouser a girl can wear on an outdoor picnic. The awesome cut of the pink jeans look so trendy and cool. A friend outing is a perfect time to hang on with a pink loose boot cut jeans.

7. Boyfriend Style Pink Jeans:


A boyfriend designed pink jeans is a rough look to your image, though creating a appealing impact to your look. It is a boyfriend cut jeans because it is designed loose with rough cuts on the thigh portion that signifies a trouser from a boy’s trouser. A girl with large thighs can look best with a ping of pink color jeans with a rough look.

8. Ankle Length Pink Jeans:


An ankle length pink jeans paired with a casual t-shirt looks adorable in daily life, while a perfect skin tight ankle length pink shade jeans look cool with a white shirt and a blue jeans jacket looks awesome.

9. Six Pocket Pink Jeans for Men:


Talking about men, pink six pocketed combat casual cargo jeans look cool on men. Loose straight cut jeans with a male look of six pockets can give men a drastic appearance.

Pink shades in women jeans have a spectacular impact on our dressing. A proper match of t-shirt or top on pink jeans can give you a perfect pair. Neon pink shade with a denim jacket and plain white shirt is a perfect pair on a spring outing. Black tops with a sober design with diamonds also look cool on strawberry pink shaded jeans.

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