9 Cute and Stylish Designs of Septum Nose Rings in Trend

Septum ring is worn on your nasal septum. You need to pierce your soft spot below nasal septum in order to wear septum nose rings. There are fake septum ring is also available. Septum ring is running widely now-a-days. Even celebrities are not left behind. It is a set trend to ornate your face. The septum hole is not visible unless you have worn ring. It elaborates the beauty of your face with nose jewellery. Even guys wear this kind of septum ring. Septum nose ring can even make you look bold.

Latest and Fashionable Designs of Septum Nose Rings for Womens:

Let we have to look at the top 9 septum nose rings.

1. Simple Hoop Septum Ring:

Simple Hoop Septum Ring

It is a simple septum nose ring. It is of steel and does not cause irritation to skin. Sometimes simplicity is better. It is small septum ring perfect for regular wear. It is visible only when a person is close to you. It is hanged on your nostril.

2. Septum Ring with Blue Stone:

Septum Ring with Blue Stone

This septum piercing ring is having blue turquoise stone embossed in between. There is a layer of three steel balls on both sides of blue stone. This blue stone is eye catchy and resembles your love for stone. The ring and ball it possess it little thick.

3. Horseshoe Nose Ring Septum:

Horseshoe Septum Ring

It is gold septum ring and having shape like the shoe of horse. The horseshoe is considered to be lucky. Like horse shoe, it is round and ends with two small beads on each side. This bead area remains on outer side and ring portion goes in between nasal hole.

4. Rose Gold Nose Septum Jewellery:

Rose Gold Septum Ring

This ring is made up of rose gold and two eye shape diamonds. This rose gold septum ring is open and gets stuck with your nostril area. It seems like diamonds are sleeping on ring. This diamond will stay hanged on your upper lips.

5. Cute Diamond Studded Septum Ring:

Diamond Studded Septum Ring

It is black septum ring with a line of white diamond. There is one big diamond in middle and line of five small diamonds on each side. You have to push these black beads inside nose to get it close. Black septum with white diamond is a rare combination.

6. Septum Ring with Red Stone:

Septum Ring with Red Stone

It is two circle septum rings. This pretty septum ring is having one small circle in middle hanged with a round red stone. And there is one bigger circle of silver ring connected with small one. This looks quite captivating on nose and gets noticed first.

7. Half Moon Septum Nose Ring:

Half Moon Septum Ring

This septum ring possesses half moon shape. There is beads inside which holds the ring. This silver half moon design looks awesome and bewildering. This is a festival theme based design like Karwa Chauth or Eid. There is more importance of Moon on these two festivals.

8. Septum Nose Beaded Ring:

septum nose rings

It is cute septum ring with a chain of beads. There is plain gold ring attached with a chain of small gold beads. This beaded chain will stay as Latkan and will be keep moving as you move your face. The beaded chain is the highlight of this septum ring.

9. Glass Septum Nose Ring:

Glass Septum Ring

This glass manufactured ring is a unique septum ring. It is also having one black silicone ball in between. The glass is colour less and needs to take utmost care in wearing. If it’s broken, it may hurt you. There are colourful glasses also available in this septum ring.

Septum nose ring is gaining momentum day by day. Not a single person is away from this. There is simple septum ring to make you look subtle and colorful also to make you look bold. You may even change it daily to match with your outfit. You can even try septum ring possessing unusual designs and get an awe-inspiring appearance.

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