9 Expensive Special Engagement Rings with Princess Cut

9 Expensive Special Engagement Rings with Princess Cut

The first most popular cut shapes for diamonds are the round brilliant. The princess cut is the second most popular cut shape for diamonds. The face-up the shape or the shape on top of the diamond is either square or rectangular. The side on shape is like that of an inverted pyramid with four reduced sides like a sloping edge. The princess cut is one of the most wanted and sought after rings for engagements and other special occasions.

Beautiful Princess Cut Engagement Rings with Images:

Here we will have a look into the top 9 awesome princesses cut rings for engagement couples.

1. Gold Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring:

princess cut engagement rings

This is a luxuriant gold diamond engagement ring. With breath-taking princess cut diamonds, this engagement ring features exquisite diamonds in H I colour meaning near colourless but a bit off colour which means a shade of yellow in them which make this ring marvellous. The clarity of diamonds are brilliant and this ring is simple yet elegant.

2. Two-Tone Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

Two Tone Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This two-tone white and yellow gold stunning diamond engagement ring have a prong-set princess cut diamond which means the diamond is secured by metal projections or prongs to hold the diamond. This has a princess cut centre befitting a princess actually. The white gold ring has a bridge which has a pave set pattern of yellow diamonds beautifully embellished which highlights the ring even more.

3. White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

White Gold Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Mesmerizing is the apt word for this white gold princess cut ring. The centre has a huge princess cut diamond in a prong setting with brilliant shiny white diamonds in a paved pattern on the sides of the ring in the bridge. The bold square cut of the diamond in the centre is well contrasted by the neat line of beaded set diamonds.

4. Halo Split Shank Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

Halo Split Shank Princess Cut Engagement Ring

This ring is made in 14 carats white gold with princess cut diamonds in a halo with split shank design for the prong-set side diamonds. The square halo perfectly holds the princess cut diamonds and is accented by two rows of prong-set side diamonds. This is the perfect one for a big fat engagement.

Split shank refers to the style featuring a band in the ring that part as it reaches the centre setting. These designs have a visible gap between the band and the centre diamond or halo. Halo is the square diamond setting which holds the princess cut diamond.

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5. Butterfly Ring with Princess Cut Diamonds:

Butterfly Ring with Princess Cut Diamonds

This ring made of 14 carats rose gold has a huge white princess cut diamond in the centre with white diamonds at the sides of the ring. This beautiful ring has two milgrain butterflies on them which also has white diamonds on their wings. Beautifully crafted with stunning milgrain work, this is one perfect thing for engagement. Milgrain refers to the row of tiny beads or hemispheres or an outline kind of along the edge or boundary of the jewellery.

6. Rose Gold Twisted Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

Rose Gold Twisted Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Rose gold is beautiful in any jewellery and princess cut engagement rings in rose gold and diamonds look fantastic and stunning. This ring is made of 14 carats rose gold entirely with a huge princess cut diamond at the centre. The ring is twisted which has the paved white diamonds set beautifully for a fresh look to the ring.

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7. Gold Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

Gold Solitaire Princess Cut Engagement Ring

These are the perfect engagement rings with the perfect golden yellow band for the ring. The ring has a brilliant princess cut diamond solitaire and one just cannot look at anything else other than this huge solitaire. The princess cut diamond is perfectly held embellished on top in this engagement ring.

8. Three Stone Engagement Ring:

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Not one not two but this beautiful engagement rings in princess cut diamonds has three shiny, marvellous princess cut diamonds set brilliantly in white gold or rose gold as required. These three stone rings will look beautiful, classy and gorgeous on a special day.

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9. Double Halo Designer Engagement Ring:

Double Halo Designer Engagement Ring

Engagement is that day when all the attention is on the man and woman. That particular attention-grabbing ring is this designer princess cut engagement ring. The designer element and the highlight of the ring are the princess cut diamond at the centre in yellow. The centre diamond is decorated with not just single halo but double halo with paved diamonds further with a split shank. It is that one exquisite engagement ring.

One of the best days in ones’ life is getting married and the first step to that is getting engaged to that someone special. So engagement day happens to be very special to both man and woman. The wide array and amazing choices in princess cut engagement rings are just the special ones to make the day memorable.