9 Fabulous Chocolate Pearls Jewelry Models for Women

Chocolate pearls come from Tahiti and are extremely rare and expensive. They are cultured pearls and are then bleached to get a colour. The pearls can now also be dyed brown. This has created a niche market for the natural chocolate pearls and they are loved by the fashion conscious people. Check out the wonderful jewelry items that we have listed here that use the chocolate pearls.

Most Shiny Chocolate Pearls Jewelry for Ladies with Pictures:

Let’s see this pearl, it is the most charming and also beautiful. Here we showed top jewelry models of the chocolate pearls for girls. These designs are to change your looks so traditionally

1. Chocolate Pearl Earrings:

Chocolate Pearl Earrings

Get these gorgeous chocolate pearl earrings that are in a hoop fashion. The earrings come with diamonds on the top. This combination of diamonds and pearls makes the earrings a stunning pair. The chocolate colour of the pearls is gorgeous and eye-catching.

2. Chocolate Pearl Pendant:

Chocolate Pearl Pendant

Get a pure chocolate pearl necklace that is a solitaire. This cool single pearl necklace pendant is great for simple and stunning effects. You can get the chocolate pearl with white gold, gold or silver chains. The effect of the chocolate pearls is brilliant. Pair this pendant with earrings of the same type.

3. Pearl Bracelet:

Pearl Bracelet

Look amazing in this natural chocolate pearl bracelet. This triple strand of chocolate pearl bracelet comes with different shades of brown. The bracelet has a metal clap that is stylish as well. The pure chocolate pearls are brilliant in shade and shine.

4. Chocolate Pearl Ring:

Chocolate Pearl Ring

Get yourself this chocolate Tahitian pearl ring that is set on 18 ct gold and diamonds. The stunning chocolate pearl ring is breathtaking and will look rich on your fingers. The combination of the diamonds and the chocolate pearl is beautiful and is a must buy for all.

5. Chocolate Pearl Necklace:

Chocolate Pearl Necklace

A perfect 11 mm Tahitian chocolate pearl jewelry is what you should get if you fancy the good stuff. This single strand chocolate pearl jewelry is a classic piece and will look great on your garments. Combine it with simple pearl earrings and you will amaze everyone around.

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6. Cluster Pearl Necklace:

Cluster Pearl Necklace

A stunning white chocolate pearls and dark chocolate pearls cluster necklace is a great jewelry item to have in your collection. This cluster necklace is a statement piece that you will enjoy wearing for all important occasions. The pearls are grouped together to form a nice bunch that looks like a cluster.

7. Dark Chocolate Pearl:

Dark Chocolate Pearl

Make a handmade bracelet with these dark chocolate pearls. The chocolate pearls are famous all over and look stunning. This handmade bracelet is what you can wear for any occasion. Try out this eye-catching colour as it goes on almost any kind and colour of the garment. The simple bracelet is perfect on all sizes.

8. Pearl Drop Earrings:

Pearl Drop Earrings

Try out this lovely 3 colour chocolate crunchy pearls drop earrings. The three different shades of the chocolate pearls are part of each earring. This gives way to a beautiful earring set that looks great on everyone. The round pearls used in the earrings are gorgeous.

9. Two Pearl Ring:

Two Pearl Ring

A trendy twist to the normal ring is this two chocolate pearl ring with diamonds. The silver ring is abstract in design and looks really great. The odd design will be loved by people who like funky jewelry and art.

Chocolate pearls are beautiful and eye-catching. Since they are rare they are very expensive. The jewelry made from chocolate pearls is worth the cost though. You will get earrings, jewelry and other items like bracelets, etc.