9 Fashionable Cultured Pearls Jewelry Designs for Women

Cultured pearls are the best way to make the pearls affordable and available to the masses. These are produced by man induced adding of sand to the mollusks. This creates the wonderful pearls that come in various shades of white, grey, black, etc. You can have these cultured pearls for jewelry making and set them in rings, necklaces, etc.

The Most Popular Cultured Pearls Jewelry Models for Women with Pictures:

Here are the best 9 jewelry models of cultured pearls for women. These are trendy and impressive pearls jewelry. In this jewelry, different colours of  pearls use it, that way these models are dazzling and also fashionable.

1. Cultured Pearl Necklace:

Cultured Pearl Necklace

Here is a stunning cultured pearl necklace that stands out from the rest. The pearls have a brilliant luster that shines brightly. This is surely a formal occasion wear item that will make you look radiant. The pearls are cream in colour and perfectly round in shape.

2. Cultured Pearl Pendant:

Cultured Pearl Pendant

Culture pearl is a great thing. This wonderful silver necklace with intricate design is made more royal with the help of a cultured pearl pendant. The pendant is a large cultured pearl that is white in colour. The design of the necklace has diamonds in it that add to the glamour.

3. Split Band Ring:

Split Band Ring

A cultured pearl ring is great to have in your collection of jewelry items. This split band ring is a trendy ring that is not conventional. The ring ends with a large cultured pearl at the end. The other end has a tiny diamond. This ring will look great on fashion wear clothes.

4. Cultured Pearl Earrings:

Cultured Pearl Earrings

Try out these simple yet elegant cultured pearl earrings that are drop style. The earrings have a single large pearl at the end of a hoop. You can try out the various colours in which the pearls come, but white and cream look the best. This earring is what makes all the difference in a formal wear attire.

5. Freshwater Pearl Necklace:

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Another cool way to wear a necklace is to have this triple strand freshwater cultured pearls necklace. The three strands of the necklace have medium size pearls in white colour. This has a brilliant hue that radiates and makes you look gorgeous.

6. Cultured Pearl Brooch:

Cultured Pearl Brooch

A stunning way to look sophisticated is to try this Akoya cultured pearl brooch. The brooch has small and medium size pearls that are placed in a spiral design. The cultured pearls used here are in conjunction with sterling silver.

7. Cultured Pearl Bracelet:

Cultured Pearl Bracelet

The Japanese cultured pearls come in wonderful shapes and sizes. The luster of these pearls is great. The bracelet made with the cultured pearls is simply magnificent. You can add diamonds to the bracelet to give it a rich look as well.

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8. Bridal Cultured Pearls:

Bridal Cultured Pearls

For the bride on her wedding day there is nothing more romantic than beautiful white cultured pearls. These pearls have a brilliance and shine that is matched with the diamonds in it. The flower design and the long earrings is perfect for the bride on her main day.

9. Baroque Cultured Pearl Necklace:

Baroque Cultured Pearl Necklace

Try out this stylish real cultured pearls necklace with the baroque touch. The long multicolored pearls look amazing in this strand. You can use this for any formal occasion that suits the need. The long necklace is wonderful on sarees and formal wear clothes.

Cultured pearls are the best way to have the beauty of the sea. These wonderful creations are best in rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, etc. You can even try wearing a brooch that has cultured pearls in them. The formal and casual wear items are great and so is the bridal collection.