9 Fashionable Green Earrings Designs in Trend

Earrings are an inevitable part of Indian jewellery. In a process to get ready for any event or traditional functions, lady should have done her full Shringar. And earrings make a lot of difference in her appearance. It can make you look simple and stylish both at the same time. The design of green earring is limitless. As an auspicious colour, you can wear green earrings on any occasion. A complete look creates a kind of attitude in women. She will flaunt herself and will crave for the praise from viewer. She always likes to look best and correct earring can make her look best.

Latest and Beautiful Green Earrings Designs with images:

Let we have look top 9 different designs of earrings in green color.

1. Green Large Silk Jhumka:

green earrings

These dark green earrings known as jhumkas are evergreen. The jhumka is wrapped up with green silk thread. Over it there is a work of diamond, green and gold stone. On upside of jhumki, there are various stone work is done in round shape. This whole is looking out to be ethnic.

2. Green Dangle Earring:

Green Dangle Earring

This dangle emerald green earring is just awesome with green twinkling stone. It is in Gold. First it is having stone of round shape and then in pear shape. The stones are given gold cover. The stones are showing mirror image. Lines over stones are visible.

3. Green Chandelier Earring:

Green Chandelier Earring

This green earring is having shape like chandelier. It contains green stones of two shapes, i.e. square and pear. It is studded in such a nice way that it looks like a beautiful Chandelier is hanging. It is customary design with long-established standard.

4. Simple Green Stud Earring:

Simple Green Stud Earring

It is green stud earrings. It is just plain big round shape of mint green stone. It is stuck with a stud which will pierce in your ears. It is the first choice of young girls. The mint colour is calm and will give peace to your eyes. It is easy and manageable.

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5. Green Chand Bali:

Green Chand Bali

It is semi-circular chand shape green balis. There is golden colour design on semi circular shape. There also small dark green stones are hanged in a pattern. It looks like a Latkans. Balis became popular with Deepika Padukone’s movie Ram Leela.

6. Green Hoops Earring:

Green Hoops Earring

This earring is having shape like half moon. This mint green earring is in hoops pattern. It seems like it is made up of glass. On seeing this serene earring, it feels like a pleasant wind is flowing. It has been western touch with its design.

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7. Green Drop Earring:

Green Drop Earring

It is light green earrings which is looking just terrifying. It is long and starts with a bunch of small green colour diamonds. At the end it is having big pear shape crystal stone of light green colour. The crystal stone is also having lot of small diamonds. On the whole it is snatching your heart.

8. Triangular Green Stone Earring:

Triangular Green Stone Earring

It is triangular green stone earring with long hangings. The triangle shape is designed with green stone and then continued with gold and a mirror in between. It is having chain with small gold balls in uneven size. The chain again ends with green shinning balls.

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9. Green Feather Earring:

Green Feather Earring

It is lime green earring with feathers attached. On black metal in between, there is having white colour drops. Then there is feather like strings are hanging in it. This funky earring is unique and will get to see rarely with any lady. You can set a new trend with wearing it.

Green earrings with so much fashionable designs are very popular with young ladies. Mostly you will choose this with western outfit. It is looking gorgeous on your ears and your ears will shine out. It has so amazing appearance. Earlier green funky earrings were not in much demand. But with changing time it has become acceptable.