9 Handsome Mens Anklets in Different Designs

Anklets or anklet chains or ankle bracelets are a fast catching up trend and fashion accessory among men and women. Both men as well as women are taking turns to flaunt these amazing anklets. The best part about an ankle is that one can wear these always and every day. The designs, patterns, colours and variations have given people a plethora of options to explore in the world of anklets.

Latest Mens Anklets in New Styles:

We will check out the top 9 anklets for mens. Choose your best one and pick it.

1. Leather Anklets:

Mens Anklets

Leather accessories are always a hit among men. So leather in an anklet is just the perfect fashion accessory for a man. This genuine leather anklets are made in a braided pattern in two layers closed with a clasp. These look great with sneakers and casual clothes like chinos, cargos, shorts etc.

2. Golden Mens Anklets:

Golden Anklets

This is really a style statement piece for men. This looks very trendy and super sexy on men. It looks a bit different with the bling of gold but men can really try this to get a bit different and stylish. A man can get this for his updated accessory.

3. Blue Ship Wheel Anklets:

Blue Ship Wheel Anklets

This is a must have cool anklet for men. This is a blue coloured cord anklet with a ship wheel charm made in silver. The dark blue cord made of wax looks elegant and matches almost any outfit for a man.

4. Macrame Mens Anklet Jewelry:

Macramé Anklets

Macrame is an art of knotting basically. It is the way of knotting string to form various patterns. These macrame anklets with metal toned gold coloured skulls are just perfect for a man. This looks really masculine, heavy and at the same time very sexy and fashionable.

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5. Copper Double Charmed Anklets:

Copper Double Charmed Anklets

This is a stylish anklet made with red copper having two small designer copper charms attached to it. This is very lovely looking in the rusty copper colour and is not very heavy. The anklet mens has a chained pattern.

6. Trendy Mens Anklets:

Trendy Anklets

This is a lovely leather string anklet for men. The anklet has two strings and has beads and metal hollow circles and has an abstract pattern attached to it. This is a great anklet to show off in one’s shorts and tanned summer legs for that edgy look in a man.

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7. Beaded Woven Mens Anklets:

Beaded Woven Anklets

This is a lovely woven ankle bracelet for men. This ankle is made in a bracelet style with small orange and green beads weaved in a flat pattern. The anklet has a slit and can be clasped with a button fixed at the other side.

8. Fish bone Anklets:

Fishbone Anklets

This is an absolute hit among all young men out there. Men who love fashion will love this stunning piece of jewellery which is a brown cord anklet made of wax with a leaf green fish bone attached to the anklet as a charm.This is an excellent gift for men.

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9. Infinity Anklets:

Infinity Anklets

This is a lovely looking minimalistic brown coloured anklet with an infinity charm attached which looks really amazing on a man’s ankle. This is made with brown cord made of wax.

To give many dimensions to one’s personality and to increase the popularity manifold, these amazing anklets are the perfect accessory for a man. Without taking much time and energy, a man can actually get an entirely new different him by sporting these anklets made just for men.