9 Indian Traditional Crystal Bangles for Daily Use

Bangles have been an important and delicate ornament for the ladies. The colorful jingles have always been adorable due to its appearance on the hands. A quite trendy design in the bangle design is the crystal bangles, which also come in the form of bracelets for an exclusive look. They can also be designed at home as per your choice of crystal beads matching your outfit.

Bangle Designs with Crystals:

Following are few catchy designs of bangles in crystal work you won’t stop yourself grabbing it.

1. Silver Crystal Bangle Bracelet:


Silver when combined with crystal gives a glorified design. The silver sterling crystal bangle bracelets design is given small lines of crystals on one side fixed in it. The bracelet can be carried on special occasions over designer dresses or merely on casuals. The bangle can also be carried in single hand for parties.

2. Cropped Crystal Bangles:

Cropped Crystal Bangle

A cropped crystal bangles design is made from bronze metal. The bangle is given a curvy cut where one carries designs crafted with leaves while the other carries white crystals on it. It gives a dignified design to the hands with matching ethnic outfit.

3. Handmade Crystal Bangle with Beads:

Handmade Crystal Bangle

Thinking to make a crystal beads bangle! Here is a design you can think over. The silver bangle is attached with crystal beads in water color and purple diamond shaped beads. Along with it, cute charms such as heart and stars are attached for a fancy look.

4. Black and white Crystal Bangle Design:

Black and white Crystal Bangle

A single handed bracelet inspired bangle with black and white crystals gives a shining look to the ethnic and casual look. The thick silver crystal bangle is given several white crystals while the center part is covered with black crystals widely suitable on ethnics.

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5. Leather Crystal Work Bangles:

Leather Crystal Bangle

A funky design in the bangles cum bracelet design is the one made with leather belts. The broad leather belt is further fixed with white and blue crystals making a flowing design. The design is favorite among the college teens mostly on jeans and long skirts.

6. Single Crystal Bangle:

Single Crystal Bangle

A lovely design made with rose gold metal is given several colorful crystals. The single bangle is given a diamond line at the borders while the center is filled with crystals of different sizes. It suits on any color dresses for a glamorous look.

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7. Designer Simple Crystal Bangle:

Simple Crystal Bangle

A silver crystal bangle is given a simple bracelet design with a cute floral shape crystal in white. The bracelet is also given a lock type design at the other end with tiny crystals. It is a simple pattern which can be made from silver and platinum also. It can give a simplified look over dresses and also western dresses.

8. Pearl and Crystal Bangle:

Pearl and Crystal Bangle

An Indian crystal bangles design looks elegant when given the work of pearls and crystals. The golden bangles are decorated with pearls in Cream color in the center while the sides are borders with crystals. Apart from it, the bangles are also given floral crystals in the middle.

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9. Designer Crystal Bangles:

Designer Crystal Bangles

A quite royal design in the Indian crystal bangles design made in silver with water blue crystals and silver pearls is quite widely used for a perfect bridal look. The bangle is given curvy designs made from silver pearls and is filled with white and blue crystals.

The crystal bangles designs are a modified look of the bracelet designs. They can be made in oxidized, gold, silver, platinum and bronze metals too. The jaipuri designs in crystal bangles are quite famous as the new design in the category. Apart from this, the crystal bangles are also favorable for those women who hate wearing bundles of bangles.