9 Latest Models of Promise Rings for Couples

Are you thinking to propose your love! Or looking for a precious love showering gift for her or him this Valentine’s Day! To express your love as a promise to last forever, there is several couples promise rings design available. Yes, the traditional engagement rings are now replaced by the promise rings which might be small design wise, but includes every adorable pattern to express love.

Matching Promise Rings for Couples:

Let’s go through some of the sensual designs of promise rings to know their importance.

1. Sapphire Couples Promise Rings:

couples promise rings

A platinum promise rings for couples with a tiny sapphire diamond fixed on the center is a perfect for a newly wedded couple. The ring also carries promising words forever love which shows the depth of love they share for each other.

2. Diamond Heart Couple Promise Ring:

Diamond Heart Couple Promise Ring

A true design to gift to your valentine this season is the ring which is decorated with two hearts with red and purple diamonds. The hearts are connected with a floral branch while the ring also includes a hidden message promise of love for her.

3. Sharing Heart Couple Promise Ring:

Sharing Heart Couple Promise Ring

A promise rings couple’s design in platinum with a sharing heart design is the best to present a newly wedded couple. It contains a heart design crafted half in both rings which means they both are incomplete without each other.

4. King and Queen Promise Couple Rings:

King and Queen Promise Couple Rings

Want to express that she is the queen of your life and he the king? Here is a crown ring design for a queen and a king. The promise ring is the best while proposing your love to be your queen. The ring for her is given a heart crown design with diamonds on it while his ring is given a cross design.

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5. Offering Couple Promise Ring:

Offering Couple Promise Ring

A unique way of proposing for any special day is by offering a promise ring which holds the heart with hands. The ring is made with silver sterling metal. The ring is also given a thick zigzag texture with lovey hand design.

6. Personalized Couple Promise Ring:

Personalized Couple Promise Ring

Want to make a memorable day gifted to your beloved! Here is a promise couple rings design which is embossed with the date of the memory day along with the names of the couple. The platinum ring can be given to both him and her.

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7. Rose Gold Couple Promise Rings:

Rose Gold couple Promise Rings

A rose gold couple ring designed with a heart and infinity symbols is the appropriate one for promising love. The Heart design in the ring is given a knitted infinity design from the middle with diamonds studded in it. The ring is a symbol of true love, acceptance, sensuality and never ending relationship.

8. Mickey Mini Couple Ring Design:

Mickey Mini Couple Ring Design

Is your friendship getting converted to love? Here is a cute promise rings for couples designed specifically for such couples. The ring carries the design of the Mickey and mini faces kissing each other. It also carries a secret message inside accepting love.

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9. Heart Beat Couple Promise Ring:

Heart Beat Couple Promise Ring

Want to convey a message that she is your heart beat and vice versa! A couple matching promise rings design made from silver alloy is the one you are looking for. The black ring is given heart beat designs in white who also means that their lives are now connected.

The cute promising rings for couples can be made from gold, silver, platinum or any other metal. When the ring is gifted to the couple it wishes them a life full of love as a blessing. A new trend in the couples promise rings is the magnetic promising ring with personalized words on it. It comes with a magnetic effect which attracts both the rings towards each other.