9 Latest Punjabi Maang Tikka Designs in Traditional

Talking about wedding bridegroom dressing style is not spoken much, it is always about Bride, how well can she be beautifully portrait ed during her big awaited day. Show casing her beauty does not just come by wearing a ravishing saree but requires a good jewelry set which  starts by covering her forehead by wearing the most beautifully designed tikkas which is followed by necklaces and bangles, anklets and so on…, For Punjabi’s it is important to wear tikkas which signifies union between Men and Women. Maang tikkas lies on ladies sixth chakra which is the center part of the forehead, helps in stabilizing emotions, which is the main reason, it is recommended to be worn by ladies not just on a wedding day but also during any special occasion.

Beautiful and Attractive Punjabi Tikka Designs for Womens in Trend:

Some beautiful designs and patterns of Punjabi jewellery tikka are mentioned in brief.

1. Designer Punjabi Maang Tikka:

punjabi maang tikka

This is a Designer maang tikka studded with white stones making it look simply amazing. These are uniquely designed to go with all types of designer attires. Designer maang tikkas are designed in a manor to be worn by a bride and even in other bride’s wedding.

2. Oversized Punjabi Maang Tikka:

Oversized Punjabi Maang Tikka

A bold bride can prefer Over-sized maang tikka on her wedding. An over size Punjabi earrings with tikka makes her look confident. Those who cannot hold this large maang tikka would better avoid this. Large sized maang tikkas suits with long faces and broader forehead. These are available in different circular and floral patterns.

3. Small Pendent Style Punjabi Maang Tikka:

Small Pendent Style Punjabi Maang Tikka

These small pendant style Punjabi tikkas are popular among brides who want to look simple yet classy on their wedding. These are single stranded. It might be a conservative design, yet it is enough for some brides to look gorgeous and elegant. These patterns are also designed with stones, pearls and ruby. One main thing about this is it suits to all types of faces.

4. Punjabi Traditional Maang Tikka:

Punjabi Traditional Maang Tikka

A traditional maang tikka is a styling accessory that accentuates the look of an Indian bride. These designs go perfect with ethnic attires.

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5. Royal Wedding Punjabi Maang Tikka:

Royal Wedding Punjabi Maang Tikka

It is made up of white stones that go with all wedding attires. A ruby wedding maang tikka is designed to make bride look simply gorgeous and elegant. It adds more glamour to the bridal outfit making her look confident and special on her wedding.

6. Ruby Punjabi Maang Tikka:

Ruby Punjabi Maang Tikka

This ruby maang tikka looks great with any type of attire. This green and red ruby gives a gorgeous look to your face even without a bindi. Ruby studded maang tikkas even go with diamond jewelry sets. These are evergreen designs that never lose their charm.

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7. Antique Gold Punjabi Maang Tikka:

Antique Gold Punjabi Maang Tikka

This amazing set of antique gold maang tikkas suits to all skin types. They have a dull gold polish making it look awesomely unique. Bride’s with something unique choice opt for antique maang tikkas. An antique maang tikka with all other antique gold jewelry set makes the bride look simply gorgeous.

8. Pearl Bridal Special Punjabi Maang Tikka:

Pearl Bridal Special Punjabi Maang Tikka

A stunning pearl bridal maang tikka looks great with all colors of attires and for all skin types. When you are very much confused for which type of maang tikka to opt, go for pearl maang tikkas.

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9. Fashionable Punjabi Maang Tikka:

Fashionable Punjabi Maang Tikka

With time, maang tikkas are crafted to match with next generation choice. A small twist in the design and metal makes it look different. Maang tikka with a little darker shade and studded with beautiful small pearls makes it look great and fashionable.

A women’s jewellery collection is incomplete without a maang tikka. An appealing maang tikka on the forehead of a lady simply glorifies her look. Whether it’s a saree or a ghagra choli, A Punjabi tikka jewellery plays an integral role to make her look elegant and beautiful. A maang tikka tried with different hair styles makes it look more fashionable. So just go and grab different varieties of Punjabi tikka designs and look eye-catching.

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