9 Latest Styles of Nose Rings in Small Sizes

Women love experimenting with their looks and keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends. One such new trend which is fast catching up is flaunting trendy nose pins, nose rings etc. There has been an age old custom of wearing nose rings too. Women get a new look by flaunting nose rings or nose pins.

Smallest Size Nose Ring Designs:

Here we will have a look into the top 9 designs in small nose rings for daily wearing.

1. Small Golden Nose Hoops:

small nose rings

These golden nose hoops look beautiful on young women and teenagers. These are these really tiny golden rings which look cool and can match any outfit. These can be plain small golden ring or can have design on them too according to one’s choice. These golden hoops are perfect for everyday wear.

2. Small Cat Nose Stud:

Small Cat Nose Stud

These look amazing on young woman. They are these small cat shaped nose studs in sterling silver. Nose rings in silver are in trend these days. Silver looks elegant and have a nice feel to the jewellery.

3. Small Diamond Nose Ring:

Small Diamond Nose Ring

Diamonds are woman’s best friend. Diamonds in a small golden nose ring look elegant and amazing when worn. This lovely small diamonds can be flaunted by women of all age groups. The shine of the tiny diamond looks lovely because the shine and sparkle of tiny diamonds look brilliant.

4. Small Heart Nose Ring:

Small Heart Nose Ring

Heart is always a hit among women with an element of romance in these cute little things. Heart is one common pendant or locket which every woman must have flaunted at some point in her life. These cute little golden heart nose rings are different from normal nose rings and look mesmerising on the face. Go ahead and flaunt that heart on your nose.

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5. Tiny Floral Nose Ring:

Tiny Floral Nose Ring

Flowers and floral patterns are so common in accessories these days. Floral nose rings with small golden hoop look beautiful and very ethnic too. These flower nose rings look great on traditional wear. The floral pattern in this nose ring has three small diamonds studded for a flower which is attached to the golden hoop. This flower nose ring can be part of bridal jewellery trousseau too.

6. Golden Small Nose Ring:

Golden Small Nose Ring

One of the most popular nose rings are these tiny nose rings in pure gold. They are so tiny that they are actually so attached to skin that they are invisible at times. They are really tiny in size and can go well with any outfit. Women of all ages can equally carry off this golden small nose ring.

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7. Tiny Astronomical Nose Rings:

Tiny Astronomical Nose Rings

These are so heavenly looking nose rings. There are three nose rings in these astronomical nose rings combo. One being a tiny star, a tiny moon and a tiny sun. One can just experiment and flaunt these astronomical bodies as new cool trendy nose studs. This is an excellent gift for young women and teenage girls.

8. Little Pearl Gold Nose Rings:

Little Pearl Gold Nose Rings

Pearls can be included in almost any jewellery pieces. Pearls are truly a reflection of one’s class and style. Lovely coloured pearls or plain pink or off white fresh water pearls studded perfectly in gold nose pins can be that one perfect gift for any woman. These are perfect for everyday wear.

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9. Small Silver Nose Stud:

Small Silver Nose Stud

Silver jewellery is in trend these days. Small silver nose studs look ethnic and earthy at the same time. These lovely looking small silver nose studs have a little big silver thing with small silver balls on the circumference. This is one amazing gifting option.

Trendy nose rings in various patterns and styles catch everyone’s attention. Nose pins, rings and studs are today’s fashion thing with almost everyone flaunting a nose pin from celebrities to other famous personalities. With silver, diamonds, pearls, different shapes, colours etc. women have a lot to experiment and flaunt with nose rings.