9 Latest & Stylish Cloth Belts for Men and Women in Fashion

Belts are a necessary accessory of every wardrobe. A belt is a flexible band or strap; basically it is made up of leather or heavy cloth, and worn around the waist. Nowadays cloth belts for men is in vogue. Cloth belt is a durable and woven fabric made of cotton, nylon and denim etc. The weaving pattern of this fabric is crisscrossed. The use of cloth rather than leather is a less labour during manufacturing process. Cloth belts, in particular, are casual and lightweight or purely decorative. This belt does not only help in the hold to trousers up but helps in tuck shirts in. Flexibility is a common characteristic in every belt manufacturing, for offering free movement.

Fashionable and Casual Cloth Belts Designs for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designs of cloth belts.

1. Formal Cloth Belt:

Cloth Belts

The one you will wear with trousers or suits. This black cloth belt made with fine fabric and come in various colours. Informal attire, make sure your belt and shoes should match. Do not use loud buckles and leave contrast stitch for the casual belt.

2. Casual Cloth Belt:

Casual Cloth Belt

This men’s casual belt with double buckles given a loud look and go with your outing outfit. You can express your own personality and can be experimental with this casual belt. It can go with chinos, jeans, shorts and cargo pants. You can avoid match combination with this belt.

3. Mens Golf Belt:

Mens Golf Belt

This white cloth belt is finely webbed. Its lightweight and stretchable fabric design help you to stretch your game. It keeps you comfortable and stylish on the golf course. It has a black buckle, which gives it an extra-fine look.

4. Suspender Belt:

Suspender Belt

It is a convenient option for those who want to look different and who want to hold up their trouser with the shoulder. This belt has a different feature, straps braces instead of belt loops. It gives an authentic as well as vintage feeling.

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5. Leather Canvas Belt:

Leather Canvas Belt

This cloth men’s belt is made of cloth with leather trims and stylish buckle. It gives a classy look and lovable by all smarty men’s. It comes in various stylish buckles and colours.

6. Embroidered Men’s Belt:

Embroidered Men’s Belt

This embroidered belt is comfortable and casual. The strap is embroidered with the traditional loom of cotton. The belt has a flip-top buckle and adjustable. One can pair them with jeans, chinos and shorts.

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7. Braided Belt:

Braided Belt

As the name defines, it braided by the cutting strips of t-shirt, braid them together and sew the ends shut. It is quick and easy made up and worn around the waist. The unique feature of this braided belt is, taking the old one and turning it into the new. It looks cool and stylish.

8. Denim Cloth Belt:

Denim Cloth Belt

The sturdy design of the belt looks cool and good; you can pair this, with jeans on outdoor event and sports. This belt is famous among the young generation and gives you the feeling of wow.

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9. Silk Cloth Belt:

Silk Cloth Belt

This one is handmade pure silk tassels navy blue belt and it gives you a royal feeling. This cloth men’s belt has a soft and elegant satin finish. This belt goes with this type of silk gown. This belt fix with a knot.

It is always a popular fashion accessory for both men and women. Belts add interest to many outfits; it gives a unique style to look. It is worn to help keep trousers in place. Cloth belt is a lower-priced product in comparison to a leather belt. These beautiful cloth belts give trendy look to your wardrobe. Wrong selection of men’s cloth belt can be disastrous, whereas the right selection makes your dress a centrepiece. Belts have more power than any other accessory. One can find these belts in various width, colours and design of buckles. The belt is an important visual accessory that completes a look.