9 Modern Designer Pendants Will Give A Dazzling Look

Designer pendants are perhaps one of the most elegant pieces of women’s jewellery. Pendants are light in weight and affordable. All kinds of women from young to old are loved to wear some kind of designer pendants and they go very well with most dress outfits. The designer pendant has always been a woman’s favourite; they come in all price ranges.


Pendants are great gift ideas; acknowledge a pal or family member’s interests. To consider what kind of pendants you can wear and present to your loved one, sparkling necklaces with designer pendants make a great combination in making the entire look of the women stand out of the crowd with unrivalled beauty.

Different Types of Designer Pendant Designs for Women with Images:

Here are some beautiful models of designer pendants ideas enlisted for your knowledge.

1. Religious Pendant:


Having Faith in God is really god and if one wants to get it in her attire, then religious pendant is a good option. They are designed in various shapes of almost all the religion.

2. Star Silver Pendant:


One of the most common pendants is the star pendant. It is even one of the old pendant styles still in trend. The shining and twinkling star silver pendant gives a very dazzling look.

3. Instrument Pendant:


There is good news for music lovers. Their passion for music can be seen in musical instrument pendent. The musical instrument pendants have different colours or some are just made of platinum metal. These pendants can express the colourful life of musicians.

4. Full of Stone Pendant:


The stone pendants have cased stones in gold, silver or platinum which gives a very royal look. The pendent can have one single stone or multiple stones to enhance the look. The designer diamond pendant will surely rock.

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5. Handcrafted Pendant By Designer:


The designs and patterns of handcrafted pendants are unique. They are designer pendants and are made by skilled hands that add charm to one personality. They can perfectly go with the traditional dresses and in trend, the combo of western dress and traditional accessories. This will make the look completely different and adorable.

6. Designer Gold Pendants for Women:


The designer gold pendants are in abundance and unique in themselves. They are round, oval, or of different patterns. They can be designer pendant necklace for traditional occasions and light for daily life.

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7. Designer Glass Pendant:


This is new in trend and rarely known by all. The crystal clear glass pendant is made of glass of different colours. It even has internal designs which make it look awesome. It looks like marbles. They can be worn by young girls to look stylish.

8. Written Designer Pendant Necklace:


Thinking of someone all the time but unable to express them? The written pendants will be useful to these people. The written pendants have name written on them. In addition to the different name, designs are also present which make it look cool.

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9. Floral Pendant Designer Jewelry:


The flowers are blooming all the way then why not in pendants? are pendants are in trend. It is made of different materials, each looks equally unique in itself. They can be made of simple gold, silver and stones on it or with handcrafted looks. They look very pretty and radiant.

The pendant is before used as a traditional means but now it is a fashion. They can be fashioned with necklace, bracelets etc. They are available in nearly every material imaginable, but there are several categories in which it is easily available. People of every age group can wear it. The shape and styling of pendants are highly varied and can differ by age group and choices of one. There are various designs available to clear the confusion that which pendant designs are in trend.