9 New Designs of Designer Diamond Rings for Women

Nowadays designer jewelry is considered the most expensive jewelry the art work and filigree work is mind blowing and worth impressive and appraising. Some beautiful collections of diamond rings are so rare and eye catching that even real diamond jewelry may sound a bit simple against them. The beautiful creations of the experts and designers make you go for the designer diamond rings for making the special occasions more dynamic and memorable.

Designer rings are for sure delicate and in comparison of the price it is no doubt high in cost. Beautiful carvings from filigree, the pearl studding and pave diamond studding, the mixture of different metals like platinum and yellow gold, rhodium and silver combinations are amazing gifts from the jewelry artisans.

Latest Designer Rings with Diamond:

Here is a collection of most beautifully designed diamond rings by designers in india.

1. Designer Cocktail Diamond Ring:


Designer diamond rings can be made magnificent with unique designs like an irregular square web on the top with fine pave diamonds stud in them. A perfectly round ball shape metallic stone in between becomes the center of attraction.

2. Pave Diamond Designer Ring:

Pave Diamond Designer Ring

This is a beautiful princess cut pave diamond stud ring. The designer diamond ring suits best for women and also for men with a unique taste of choice. The bold design may win many hearts that have a glance on it.

3. Latest Designer Heart veil Diamond Ring:

Latest Designer Heart veil Diamond Ring

A fully handcrafted ring, with black and white pave diamonds in which, total 156 black round diamond and 292 white diamonds have been stud in solid white gold making a beautiful art piece of jewelry. The beautiful cocktail designer diamond ring with hearts can magnificently shine upon your fingers.

4. Twisted Designer Diamond Ring:

twisted designer diamond ring

The beautiful vintage style twisted diamond ring is beautifully carved with pave diamonds stud in yellow and white gold is a stunning designer diamond ring for women. The unique shape of the ring is eye catching.

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5. Vintage Pearl Diamond Ring:

Vintage Pearl Diamond Ring

The pearl and diamond combination is a very old and very delightful combination that is even loved in today’s fashion of the world of jewelry. A large pearl in the center of a flower and the petals beautifully decorated with diamonds looks magnificent. Entirely made in white gold, the designer ring diamond looks amazing.

6. Beautiful Designer Engagement Ring:

Beautiful Designer Engagement Ring

A combination of white and yellow gold has been trendy these days among the designer diamond engagement rings. Beautifully shaped in flowers or butterflies and hearts the rings become perfect for the engagement ceremony.

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7. Adjustable Designer Diamond Wedding Ring:

Adjustable Designer Wedding Diamond Ring

Twisted designer diamond rings for women have been since a long time. Some excellent changes in the designs make them unique in each and every new style. A diamond stud flowers on the extreme ends of the twisted rings form beautiful designer diamond wedding rings.

8. Designer Purple Stoned Diamond Ring:

Designer Purple Stoned Diamond Ring

Purple stoned diamonds look royal and lovely stud in white gold. Designer diamond engagement rings can be simple and sober with swan shapes stud diamonds making a splendid design.

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9. Designer Rose Flower Pave Diamond Wedding Ring:

Designer Rose Flower Pave Diamond Wedding Ring

Roses are all time favorite for women. A designer diamond ring for women can be nothing better than a large diamond over the petals studded with pave diamond in white gold.

When you are in need to sparkle your life, bring a perfect gift for your love and lighten her face with a beautifully designed diamond ring with special features, shape and style. Designer rings suit fantastic with awesome outfits. The presence of designer jewelry, with your dressing makes it all complete for you to look stunning. Designer rings are often chosen for wedding ceremonies, engagements or wedding anniversaries. A beautiful diamond surrounded with art work can be the best gift to your spouse after years of a lovely married life.