9 New Designs of Pressing Nose Pins for Women

Any normal Indian girl would get would get her nose pierced before getting married. Wearing nose ring simply highlights your nose. This leads to proper balance of face. The solution to the painful torture of piercing is pressing nose pin. It is like a clip on earring. It has same look and style as a regular nose pin.

Beautiful and Latest Pressing Nose Pins Design for Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top designs of pressing nose pins for girls.

1. Single Diamond Pressing Nose Pin:

pressing nose pins

Single Diamond Pressing Nose Pin has just one diamond and gold or silver ring. The diamond lies on the nose and the ring goes behind. It is gently pressed. It looks very classy and beautiful. Many girls wear them as a trend. It is becoming funk trend. But those want a quick escape then this is best thing to wear.

2. Multiple Diamond Pressing Nose Pin:

Multiple Diamond Pressing Nose Pin2

If you are going for a family function, and you have to wear a nose pin then this is best option for you. Multiple diamond Pressing Nose Pin has set of diamonds. It is made to look trendy. It is also light hence it is little more comfortable. But the set of diamonds give them enough sparkle required for function.

3. Bridal Pressing Nose Pins:

Bridal Pressing Nose Pin

Not all brides want to pierce the nose just for one wedding. So a clever idea of wearing bridal Pressing Nose Pin is come in market. You can wear those heavy bridal nose ring by just a press. It looks same and feels more comfortable and light.

4. Gold Platted Pressing Nose Pin:

Gold Platted Pressing Nose Pin4

Nose pins don’t really cost much, but many of the women tend to lose them a lot. Many of the women don’t want to invest in real nose pin. A gold platted Pressing Nose Pin saves the day. By this nose pin, you don’t have to spend much money in it and still look beautiful without any pain.

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5. Silver Pressing Nose Pin:

Silver Pressing Nose Pin

Many of us find wearing gold a bit tacky and shiny. Silver Pressing Nose Pin is made of silver completely. This design of nose pin is mostly worn by young college going girls. It is very trendy without any pain of actual piercing.

6. Double Pressing Nose Pin:

Double Pressing Nose Pin6

Double Pressing Nose Pin is nose pin worn in both the sides of nose. It is seen in some parts of India. To save all the trauma of piercing your nose on both the sides, Double Pressing Nose Pin is simple and classy. It is mostly flower design.

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7. Ethnic Pressing Nose Pin:

Ethnic Pressing Nose Pin

The trend now is of going India. We want everything that has ethnic and traditional touch. Even in nose pin. Ethnic Pressing Nose Pin has simple traditional design that can press to wear. It is very cool style. It is simple but surely gets attention. It is made of silver mostly.

8. Maharashtrian Pressing Nose Pin:

Maharashtrian Pressing Nose Pin

Maharashtra has its own unique culture and style of dressing. Maharashtrian Pressing Nose Pin is called the ‘Nath’. It has pearls and stones. It looks like a moon. It is very stylish and is been seen worn by many actresses across the globe.

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9. North East Indian Pressing Nose Pin:

North East Indian Pressing Nose Pin9

North East Indian Pressing Nose Pin is the most unique kind of nose pin. It is huge. It is like big round bangle with designs around the side. It is one of its own kinds. It is a little heavy. You can wear it after a little practice of nose pin.

Pressing Nose Pins is upcoming trend. It saves the pain of piercing and looks good at same time. You must try it once before going for actual piercing. This gives the feel like actual nose pin. Pressing Nose Pins can be worn by everyone. There is no need of nose to be pierced. You can wear to work also. It doesn’t cost you much too. Enjoy this pain free trend and keep looking beautiful.