9 New & Stylish Designer Nose Pin Designs for Womens

Nose pins are very common these days, especially in India among teens and women. They add beauty and style to already beautiful faces. Well, don’t they? Available in many kinds and styles, there are a lot of options for you. Especially in designer nose pins, gold or diamond along with other semiprecious gemstones is always in demand. Designer styles will always have an edge over other styles.

Latest and Beautiful Designer Nose Pin Designs with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 designer nose pin designs in trend:

1. Designer Gold Stud Nose Pin:


This is the most common type of designer nose stud you’d get. Simple yet chic, there are ample designs to choose from. Plus these studs would go correct with any face type – be it round, heart shaped or square. So this nose pin is for all, suiting all types of attires.

2. Designer Gold Nose Pin with Diamond:

Designer Gold Nose Pin with Diamond

This designer nose pin may be a little expensive on your budget; nevertheless it looks trendy and gives you a beautiful look. Again, you can choose nose pins in gold with American diamonds studded on them.

3. Designer Diamond Stud Nose Pin:

Designer Diamond Stud Nose Pin33

This diamond stud designer nose pin is simple yet elegant. Plus it’d suit every face type. This is something you can go for if you’re in doubt. This would definitely make a statement and go with all your outfits.

4. Designer Gold Vermeil Nose Pin with Zircon Stone:

Designer Gold Vermeil Nose Pin with Zircon Stone

This designer nose ring is a piercing type and comes studded with zircon stones. It’s adjustable and is available in different styles and designs. These nose pins will always look good on the wearer, irrespective of the face shape.

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5. Designer Turquoise Stud Nose Ring:

Designer Turquoise Stud Nose Ring

Now this is for the experimental ones, who love ethnic classy nose pins that give them compliments all along the way. Choosing a precious gemstone in designer nose rings is definitely a smart move. This look is popular in teens as many want to stand out in the crowd.

6. Designer Silver Stud Nose Pin:

Designer Silver Stud Nose Pin

A touch of ethnicity in your looks will definitely earn you compliments and eye catching moments. While discussing about designer nose pins, how can we leave silver behind? Silver nose pins are a lot common and in demand these days, definitely worth trying to add beauty to your looks. Best suitable for ethic wear, you can get a lot of varieties in silver nose pins.

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7. Designer White Pearl Nose Pin:

Designer White Pearl Nose Pin

We bet every woman loves pearls, don’t they? Designer nose pins in pearls are also in option for you if you want to look unique and not go for gold or silver to choose from. A pearly look will definitely add charm on your face and is super stylish.

8. Designer Gold Stud Nose Pin with Gemstones:

Designer Gold Stud Nose Pin with Gemstones

Combining gold with gemstones is common in designer nose studs these days. They look super feminine and classy at the same time. So if you’re a lover of precious gem stones, you can go for these nose pins for some style statement.

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9. Designer Gold Hoop Nose Ring:

Designer Gold Hoop Nose Ring

Hoop earrings are very popular these days. They are a go-to option among teenage girls and women alike. This nose ring will suit all kinds of outfits – traditional and western both. Go for hoop styled nose rings to personify your look.

Getting nose pierced and choosing the right nose pin is a tedious process. Nevertheless, nose pins add a lot of emphasis and beauty to your look. There are a lot of styles and varieties to choose from, for your face shape and outfits. We have catalogued 9 different types of designer nose pins for you to choose from.