9 Popular Indian Bridal Anklets Designs

Anklets are a piece of jewelry worn on and around the ankle. Anklets famously known as payal and pajeb in India are worn by almost all small girls, young ladies and aged women. From past enough, if we cross backwards, we come to know that people also used to make anklets for the idols of god and goddesses. Then after were also worn by ladies all over India and nowadays worn worldwide.

The new looks and design of anklets varied differently from different countries and craftsmen from everywhere. The bridal anklets are one of the most costly anklets where you can see awesome craft work, attached tiny bells that ring whenever one walks, studded gems and pearls that looks awesome with your garments.

Indian Bridal Anklet Designs:

The charm of ankle jewelry cannot be ignored. Some bridal ankle bracelets we can line up among the best are here.

1. Bridal Anklet With Peacock Design In Gold:

A bride without jewelry and that too without payal and the sound of tiny bells is not the complete bride. Brides walk slowly on their marriage and the trinkling sound of anklets worn by the bride makes her steps so special. This golden anklet is designed with minakari work, a small peacock design on the chains attached to it.

2. Bridal Anklet In Silver:


Anklets are mostly seen in silver and worn commonly by ladies in daily life. This bridal anklet is a beautiful example of silver anklets gemmed with small diamonds and a layer with small bells that bring the sound when the bride walks.

3. Bridal Anklets In Polki Diamond Design:


There has come a new design of polka diamonds in jewelry fashion. The diamond in round cut shape is studded in gold and silver and many times in other metals too. The polka design is so in these days, you can see bridal jewelry largely accepted by fusionists.

4. Pearl And Kundan Anklet:


Kundan jewelry has been adorned by the new generation on large scale. The kundan work is shaped mirrors studded on metals exclusively making excellent jewelry on low cost. Bridal jewelry is largely chosen to be made with kundan designed jewelry. Here is bridal ankle bracelet made with kundan work.

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5. Inflexible Bridal Anklet:


Anklets come in flexible and inflexible designs. The flexible anklet designs can be easy to move on our ankle, while the inflexible anklets are stiff. They are heavy in design and its work too. To wear these anklets the designers have made screw to fix the anklets properly on our anklet.

6. Fancy Bridal Anklet With Brooches:


Bride loving sober designs will definitely love the simple anklet. Anklets with a single chain and beautiful brooches at the end make it very adorable. Brides have mehendi on their feet which will look awesome with these sober designed anklets.

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7. Colorful Bridal Anklets:


Anklets with colorful diamond are also hot favorite in bridal jewelry. The colorful diamonds in the anklet suits the bridal wear. Girls love to wear matching jewelry in their dandiya nights. This design and many more will fulfill your demands properly.

8. Bridal Anklets With Hanging Chains:


Anklets come in many designs. Hanging attached chains in one main chain of the anklet is a very familiar design in anklet chains. Here the anklet chain is made more attractive with supporting chains of different length with  colorful diamonds at the end. It makes beautiful foot jewelry.

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9. Bridal Anklet With Toe ring:


Bridal anklet looks awesome and complete with a toe ring attached to it. The bride’s feet is covered with beautiful mehendi, and the anklet with a ring attached to it brings an awesome effect to the beauty of the bride.

Bridal anklets are a main part of the ornament a bride wears. The tradition of wearing Indian jewelry makes a bride more beautiful. A traditional look on an auspicious occasion gold, gold plated and silver or oxidized jewelry are hot favorite. Bridal ankle bracelets are also widely seen with inlaid stones, gems, and pearls that make them more attractive.