9 Royal and Navy Blue Colour Stone Earrings

Jewellery makes an important part of a woman’s make up and dressing up. Earrings are the most important ones amongst the jewellery desired by women and blue amongst them being the most important colour. The most eye catchy and royal colour, we can say. So,

blue earrings

Blue Stone Earrings Jewellery Designs:

Here is a list of the top 9 blue coloured earrings and you can choose the best for yourself among them.

1. Navy Blue Stone Earrings for Bridal:


These earrings with sapphire blue crystal embedded within the club shaped designs. The earrings are a perfect one for a bride and her bridesmaids. Royal and classy to look at and wear too, the earrings are the best option for a wedding you wish to attend.

2. Light Blue Crystal Earrings for Girls:


A shining piece of blue coloured earrings with small crystals studded all over in a designer fashion is a blissful piece of jewellery to own and wear out to any occasion. The crystals coloured in white and different shades blue give a nice look.  In combination with a white or a blue ethnic dress, these earrings would do their best.

3. The Blue Polyvore Earrings for Women:


The big light blue studs with the polyvore Australian design give a unique look with the unique design that it carries with it. The arc shaped material on the corner with the small stones studded in a semicircular fashion makes it look designer and a choice for every girl to make.  Dressed in a gown or jeans or anything ethnic, these studs would do the task for you. suiting  your multipurpose, these are the best kind of blue studs you would find around.

4. Under Water Blue Stone Stud Earrings:


These are different and uniquely designed earrings. Divided into semicircles with the upper part having the shining yet coarse golden texture and lower one with the blue fountain look.  As the name signifies, it gives a druzy look and would complement any woman with the kind of attire she would wear.

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5. The Dusty Blue Diamond Earrings for Women:


The light blue stud with the dusty look somehow signifies a careless beauty and goes with the present trend. Encircled within the white crystals the earrings are a pure piece of beautiful jewellery. This would be perfectly complementary with a clear white dress or sari. An ornament which you can keep reserved for a Christian wedding, I suppose?

6. The Blue Color Feather Like Earrings:


The trending feather like earrings is an option for you if you are one those following fashion. The three layered feathers with the white ones on the top, the light blue in the middle and the dark blue in the end give a marvellous look because of the mixture of colours in the design.  It would rock any kind of your casual looks.

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7. The Blue Colour Rose Studs:


Flowers are a girl’s favourite. Especially, roses. And a combination of earrings and roses in one piece would be the most beautiful thing to have. The rose blue studs would enhance the beauty of your wardrobe if you buy them.  The floral blue earrings would complement any of your beautiful blue dresses.

8. The Octagonal Blue Earrings:


The geometrically shaped in the octagonal structure with the three crystals attached above gives an ethnic look to the earring. Blue is a royal colour and would complement any of your ethnic dress.

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9. The Mint Light Blue Earrings:


The long golden strand with the light blue structures attached to the chain in a linear fashion conveys an ethnic designed dangler.  Suited for any kind of occasion, you can buy it for your closet.

Thus, the above list of earrings would provide you with the best list of choices to make among the blue coloured earrings, for an occasion or a casual function.