9 Stylish Gold Plated Bracelets in Different Designs

No girl will step out empty handed. It is in our Indian tradition, that the woman should never be bare hands. Not all young girls want to wear bangles. Bracelet is trendy style instead of regular bangles. You can wear in college, office or party.

Bracelets can become costly if made from pure gold. Not everyone has a luxurious life. We have to travel by bus, train and auto-rickshaw, so wearing gold is a bit risky.

Latest Gold Plated Bracelets with New Designs:

Gold Plated Bracelets are best option for on the go people. Here are the few styles of Gold Plated Bracelets in trend.

1. Charm Gold Plated Bracelet:

Charm Gold Platted Bracelet

Every girl has a charm bracelet. It is a chain with small cute pendants hanging. Charm gold platted bracelet can be worn for daily basis. It is funky style and goes well with western outfits. This style is available in silver and gold too. Rose gold plated bracelet is more liked by all.

2. Gold Plated Diamond Bracelet:

Gold Plated Bracelets

No jewellery is complete without diamond. Gold plated diamond bracelet is an elegant choice of bracelet. It is perfect for parties. It looks good on both Indian and western dresses. There is lots of variety in pattern in this style of bracelet.

3. Gold Plated Gemstone Bracelet:

Gold Platted Gemstone Bracelet

Gold platted gemstone bracelet has Coloured gemstone engraved in bracelet. The gemstone comes according to zodiac signs. But mostly they are made to look traditional. This choice of bracelet is good for Indian dresses because it so colourful.

4. Pearl Gold Platted Bracelet:

Pearl Gold Platted Bracelet

Pearl gold plated bracelet is an elegant choice of bracelet. It is simple and loved by all. Most of the brides wear them. It is a nice choice for young girls, especially those who want to look simple but ravishing.

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5. Butterfly Gold Plated Bracelet:

Butterfly Gold Platted Bracelet

Gold plated bracelets are comes in all patterns and style. Butterfly made in the ring of bracelet is a very girly choice. This style is perfect for daily use. Girls wear them to college. It is a simple style but very elegant.

6. Heart-Shaped Gold Plated Bracelet:

Heart-shaped Gold Platted Bracelet

Gold Plated Bracelets has designs of heart in the center. Heart has always been part of women’s jewellery. This style is loved by young to middle aged women. The size of heart may differ from style to style. Women like to wear it to work and on sarees.

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7. Broad Gold Platted Bracelet:

Broad Gold Platted Bracelet

Bracelet is not necessary worn by women also. Men like to wear bracelet too. Broad Gold Platted Bracelet is broad in width. It is heavy and bulky. The design is complicated to hex-link. Many women who have fat hands wear it too.

8. Slim Gold Platted Bracelet:

Slim Gold Platted Bracelet

Many Gold Plated Bracelets are thin and delicate. This Slim Gold Platted Bracelet is perfect for delicate wrist. Many girls wear it look simple. It is perfect for brunch and formal meetings. You can wear with simple Salwar suit too. It is mostly rose gold platted bracelet.

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9. Engraved Gold Platted Bracelet:

Engraved Gold Platted Bracelet

No bracelet is complete without engraving. Couples write vows, promises, important dates and names in the part bracelet. This engraving is done in the outside of the plate. This is simple to look. It is perfect to express love and feelings. It is mostly used in gifting purpose.

Gold Plated Bracelets are worn by everyone. It is not restricted to young and thin girls, but many women of all ages and sizes can wear them. It can be made in all sorts of designs. It looks as good as gold bracelet, but it cost little. Gold Plated Bracelets for women are available in many designs. From rose gold to diamond, all sorts of designs are available in it. It suits all women. But one should always check for allergy before using it for a long time.