9 Traditional Maang Tikka Designs for Round Face Shape

Maang tikka is one of the most necessary jewellery for a bride to look beautiful on her wedding. Maang tikka made out of a chain with snare toward one side and a pendant at the other. It speaks to a definitive union. Not only the bride but also the bride friends or anyone else the maang tikka add glamour and style to the look. It symbolizes womanhood, feminine powers and possession of the intuitive nature that solely hers. The misconception must be cleared for maang tikka that it is not only bridal jewellery; it can be worn in any wedding party or a traditional occasion.

Maang Tikka Jewellery Designs for Round Face:

There are so many different types of maang tikka but it looks more beautiful with the right face shape. If the face is round then one need to add length. Here are some maang tikka for round shape.

1. Small Pendent Style Maang Tikka for Round Face:


This maang tikka give a classy look for round face as they do not make the face look heavy. Single stranded tikkas might look conservative but it gives an elegant and fashionable look. It has wide variety of designs from fancy colored stone tikkas to pearl hanging.

2. Jhoomar or Passa Maang Tikka:


Jhoomar or passa is the traditional ornament of a Muslim Bride. This bit of maang tikka holds tight the left half of the forehead. Nowadays it is also worn in additional to the standard one that falls on the focal point of the forehead. It comes in various designs like fan shape, triangular design, round style etc. It adds a royal appeal to a bride’s look.

3. One-Teir Matha Pattis Maang Tikka:


Another style of maang tikka is the matha patti. This has additional layers to the sides which completely adorns a bride’s forehead. It is very sleek in design and gives a very stunning look to round face. One has to be conscious to make it stay in place by placing number of pins.

4. Borla Maang Tikka for Round Face:


The borla style maang tikka simply make one look chic and glamorous. It’s shape is similar to jujube fruit from which it derives it’s name. It is a round maang tikka usually crafted with pearls, stones, rubies, crystals, etc. It looks great when the hair parting is done exactly from the centre of head.

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5. Chand Maang Tikka for Round Face Shape:


This is a exemplary design that has been a prevalent most loved for a considerable length of time. It is perfect for round shape as it cover small area of the forehead. It is a round tikka jewellery typically features beautiful pearl and polki accents which add elegance. Into a thin gold graph of a half-moon, this kundan like gems are inset with dangling pearls. The thin chain ensures that the focus lies on this stunning tikka.

6. Crescent Maang Tikka:


The crescent maang tikka is beautifully simple with kundan or stone work and set in golden half-moon. It is a light weight as well it gives a light look perfect for round face.

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7. Hairline Hugger Maang Tikka:


The hairline hugger is worn higher than usual, just kissing the hairline. The main chain, which leads to the pendent, can fall along with the part in her hair. This maang tikka frame the face and draws attention to her eyes and facial features.

8. Kundan Maang Tikka:


The kundan work is traditional to the solah shringaar. This beautiful maang tikka is crusted with uncut diamonds set in kundan.

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9. Mughal Maang Tikka:


The majestic Mughal roused maang tikka from the talented hands of a god gifted designer features an intricate design studded with polki and dots, looking out perfectly from just below the dupatta covering the head.

Maang tikka is an essential piece of jewellery worn by woman on special occasion. This age old accessory enhances the overall look and gives a glamorous yet classy appeal. They are inexpensive and are easily available.