Bangle Designs Catalogue – 50+ New Styles For Every Bangle Lover!

We, Indian women, can part with anything but our jewellery! Especially, those shiny bangles in our trinket boxes sound like blessings from the heavens! They adorn our hands and make us feel complete. So, why not learn in detail about these amazing ornaments? This article is in appreciation of the many Bangle designs of India, along with a collection of latest models.

But, before that, let us get to know the background of bangles and their origin! Bangles are circular shaped hand accessories, which get their name from the Hindi word Bungri, meaning Glass. Traditionally, bangles were made with glass and metals like gold, silver, copper and brass. They were simple and often adorned with precious stones and gems. With changing times, newer concepts and materials were introduced to suit contemporary tastes. They have rich symbolic importance in Indian culture, and each region has its own unique variety of Bangles.

Latest Collection Of Ladies Bangles Designs

Reasons Why Indian Women Wear Bangles:

It is no exaggeration to state that Bangles are indispensable to traditional Indian weddings. Along with the Mangalsutra, which symbolizes the marital status, Bangles also add to the identity of a woman. Wearing coloured bangles is a sign of a woman’s “Suhaagan” (happiness that her husband is alive). Now you know why these ladies consider it ominous to take off their bangles, even for a day!

Also, the different colours used in these ornaments denote different meanings. Red indicates fertility, green indicates prosperity, while yellow indicates happiness and loyalty. Along with these shades, white and gold bangles are also considered auspicious in many communities of the country. Even unmarried women and young girls also wear bangles as a sign of good luck and fortune.

What are The Different Types of Bangles in India?

As mentioned earlier, each state of India has its own style of bangles, handcrafted for the newlywed women. In certain regions, a ceremony is held to adorn the bride’s hands with a special type of bangles. Listed below are some of the prominent varieties of these ornaments, which come from different places:

  • Uttar Pradesh: The city of Firozabad is the largest producer of glass bangles in the country. You can get a plethora of options in colours, designs and models.
  • Hyderabad: The Pearl City is also famous for its lacquer bangles. It even has an old market called the Choodi Bazaar or the Laad Bazar which sells beautiful artificial bangles.
  • West Bengal and Odisha: These states are famous for the unique wear Shankha (Conch Shell) Pola (Coral) bangles worn by the brides on their wedding day
  • Punjab: A special variety of ivory bangles called Chuda, are made in this state. The bride must wear them for at least a few months after the wedding date.
  • Gujarat: Similar to the Punjabis, Gujarati women wear a combination of red, green, yellow, gold and other multi-coloured Chuda.
  • Rajasthan: In this state lac bangles called the Bangda are made for the new brides. The Mewad region is also popular for MeenakariWork and Jadau or Kundan Bangles.

Trending and Beautiful Bangle Designs with Images:

Let us now explore some of the new-style designs in different categories of Indian Bangles:

Gold Bangles:

No matter how many varieties of bangles you own, investing in a pair of gold bangles is a must in India. Gold holds a lot of value in the market and also lasts until a lifetime. Many women buy them as a solid investment for the future. To make them wearable, many modern designs are introduced in the market. Take a look at the top models in this segment:

1. Light Weight Gold Bangles:

Light Weight Gold Bangles

This beautiful Gold bangles are made with pure gold and twisted to create the intricate detailing on the surface. You can notice the way three different patterns are combined to form this masterpiece. This lightweight, hollow Kangan can be worn on special occasions by adding some coloured bangles in the centre or on their own as everyday wear.

  • Material: Pure Gold
  • Occasions: Traditional Events, Daily Wear or Small Parties

2. Claddagh Bangle in Gold:

Claddagh Bangle In Gold

This is a modern version of the conventional bangle and is specially made for the new-age woman! The name Claddagh means a clasped hand, which indicates friendship and love. Claddagh gold bangles are very popular with young women, who love to adorn their hands with a sleek, stylish and meaningful ornament. It is an adjustable bangle to fit every size.

  • Material: Pure Gold
  • Occasions: Casual and everyday wear

3. Gold Kada Bangle Design:

Gold Kada Bangle Design

This gorgeous pair of golden Kadas is sure to leave you impressed. Each bangle is a statement piece of its own and looks amazing with traditional outfits. The hinge provided on the centre, allows even larger hands to fit in easily. The surface of these bangles is adorned with a delicate embossing work which adds an artistic touch.

  • Material: Pure Gold
  • Occasions: Traditional Wear, Weddings and Religious Events

4. Heart Bangle in Gold:

Heart Bangle In Gold

Heart themed bangles are popular with teens and women in the 20’s. Seen here one such latest design which is made with 14kt Yellow Gold. The engraved hearts have a natural gemstone studded in the centre. The open style of the bangle makes it easy for any size hand to pass through easily. It is also very comfortable for office wear!

  • Material: Pure Gold
  • Occasions: Everyday Wear, Can be worn to colleges and workplaces as well

5. Antique Nakshi Work Bangles:

Antique Nakshi Work Bangles

The demand for antique jewellery is at an all-time surge! Many women prefer buying these pieces over the regular bangles for their intricate designs. Here is one such set in traditional Nakshi work model that features a floral concept. The elaborately carved bangles are a real treat to examine them from close. A screw opening makes it easy to wear and remove.

  • Material: 22kt Gold
  • Occasions: Weddings, Pujas and Religious Ceremonies

Diamond Bangles:

The saying “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” is absolutely true! Diamond bangles are a symbol of good financial status, luxury and prosperity. These bejewelled ornaments adorn our hands with a star-like shine and come in various models to suit Indian and Western outfits. Let us take a look at some of the popular designs:

1. Gold and Diamond Bangles:

Gold And Diamond Bangles

Here is a pair of diamond bangles studded in 18k Gold. The gorgeous Kada style bangles can be worn as statement pieces on each of your hands. The design features an intricate floral design, which is brought to life by adding tiny little diamonds. Even a simple outfit can transform into a grand ensemble by wearing these pieces.

  • Material: 18kt Gold
  • Occasions: Weddings, Evening Parties and Special Events

2. Designer Diamond Bangles:

Designer Diamond Bangles

Here is another gorgeous pair which is sure to earn you tons of compliments. The design features two plain gold bangles joined with a bridge of diamonds. Upon closer look, you can notice the clarity and cut of these brilliant stones. These light-weight bangles can be worn with almost any outfit in your wardrobe.

  • Material: Gold
  • Occasions: Evening Parties, Small Gatherings

3. Platinum Diamond Bangles:

Platinum Diamond Bangles

Platinum and diamonds are a match made in heaven! This precious metal complements the radiance of diamonds like no other. Seen here is an assortment of bangles, which can be worn together or as individual bracelets. Wear them with cocktail sarees or your little black dress to look sensational.

  • Material: Platinum
  • Occasions: Night Parties, Casual Outings

4. Peacock Style Diamond Kada:

Peacock Style Diamond Kada

Peacock bangles never go out of style! Especially when it as exquisite as this piece, there is no way you can resist buying it. The base is made with 18k gold and designed in a traditional Kada style model. The ends are adorned with peacock motifs, and a screw makes it easy to open and close. With such a beautiful bangle on your hand, who needs anything else?

  • Material: 18k Gold
  • Occasions: Weddings, Reception and Engagements

5. Solitaire Diamond Bangles:

Solitaire Diamond Bangles

Solitaire diamonds have high clarity and precision cut, making them the most sought after designs in this segment. Seen here is one such pair made in two-tone gold and studded with 80 brilliant solitaires. The classic yet stylish design is a pure heirloom piece and worth every penny.

  • Material: 18k Two-Tone Gold
  • Occasions: Suitable for Weddings, Receptions, Night Parties

Thread Bangles:

Wish you could have a pair of matching bangles for each of your sarees! Is it even possible? Yes! With thread bangles, you can customise the bangle designs with the same colour, pattern and even the embroidery on the outfit. The base can be either a glass bangle or a metal one, wrapped in fine quality silk thread. Here are some of the trending designs to watch out for:

1. Bridal Silk Thread Bangle Set:

Bridal Silk Thread Bangle Set

This alluring thread bangle set features a riot of colours. The collection has everything that a bride could ask for! Different sized bangles are adorned in Red, green and gold colour silk threads to give them a glossy finish. It doesn’t stop there! Elements like stones, discs and tiny crystals are used for final decoration!

  • Material: Silk Thread on Metal Bangle
  • Occasions: Weddings, Reception and Sangeeth

2. Mirror Work Thread Bangles:

Mirror Work Thread Bangles

Mirror, Mirror, Who is the fairest of all!? You! So, why not wear them to admire yourself all the time? Check out these statement beauties which look lovely on your hands. The maroon thread serves as a rich background to the shiny mirrors and stonework. Wear them with light-coloured sarees and get ready to earn tons of compliments!

  • Material: Silk Thread, Metal
  • Occasions: Traditional Gatherings, Weddings and Ethnic Events

3. Multi-Coloured Thread Bangle Set:

Multi Coloured Thread Bangle Set

This multi-coloured bangle set is a must-have in every girl’s jewellery box! The 24 piece set has two bangles, each of 12 different colours. You can mix and match different colours to match your outfit or even stack them as a whole set for a colourful drama. The shiny gold thread wrapped on the surface makes them ideal festive wear jewellery!

  • Material: Silk Thread, Glass
  • Occasions: Ethnic Events, Traditional Gatherings and Casual Wear

4. Silk Thread Bangles With Kundan Work:

Silk Thread Bangles With Kundan Work

You simply cannot overlook these beautiful bangles! The Rani pink thread work bangles are decorated with blingy Kundans and stone lace. They are specially handcrafted for weddings and important festivals when you can match them with your favourite outfits. These eye-catchy sets come in different colours to suit your many moods!

  • Material: Silk Thread, Metal
  • Occasions: Weddings, Engagements and Festivals

5. Thread Work Bangles With Latkans:

Thread Work Bangles With Latkans

Adding Latkans is a new feature in the thread work bangle segment. This ethnic Chuda set is ideal for weddings and other traditional gatherings to make you look special. They can be worn along with rich silk sarees, lehengas and even Anarkali salwar suits. To make them one-of-a-kind accessories, Kundan and stone embellishments are added on the surface.

  • Material: Silk Thread, Acrylic
  • Occasions: Weddings, Mehendi Functions and Festivals

Wedding Bangles:

Depending on the state and the local customs, different types of wedding bangles are worn by the brides. Unlike the regular bangles, these Chuda sets have religious and cultural significance. The colour coding and the designs on these bangles covey special meanings like prosperity, well-being, good financial status and happy marital life. Here are a few noteworthy wedding bangles of India:

1. Bengali Shankha Pola Bangles:

Bengali Shankha Pola Bangles

Traditional Bengal Brides wear these red and white bangles called the Shankha and Pola. The original bangles were made with Shankh-meaning Conch Shell and Pola-meaning Coral. However, with changing times, these materials are replaced with acrylic, plastic and other stuff. Seen here is one such gold plated set made exclusively for weddings.

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Occasions: Weddings, Festivals

2. Punjabi Chooda Set For Weddings:

Punjabi Chooda Set For Weddings

In Punjabi weddings, the bride is made to wear a set of white and red bangles called the Chuda. A special Chooda ceremony is conducted to adorn the woman’s hands with these bangles. Here is one such traditional set made with acrylic material. They come along with special stonework and printed bangles to suit the contemporary tastes.

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Occasions: Punjabi Weddings

3. Kerala Palakka Wedding Bangles:

Kerala Palakka Wedding Bangles

Palakka Bangles are very popular among Kerala Women. They get their name from the “Palakkas” or green stones embedded in gold. These bangles are worn on important occasions like weddings and festivals like Onam with the green leaves symbolising good fortune and happiness. Seen here is one such modern style modern designed for the younger generation.

  • Material: Gold
  • Occasions: Weddings, Festivals

4. Gujarati Wedding Bangles:

Gujarati Wedding Bangles

This stunning bridal bangle set reminds us of the Royal era! The Rajwadi style Choorais designed for weddings to make every bride feel like a queen. The set comprises of highly detailed bangles with a handpainted statement piece at the centre. Wear it with a bespoke Lehenga to glow on the best day of your life!

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Occasions: Weddings, Bridal Ceremony

5. Maharashtrian Wedding Bangles:

Maharashtrian Wedding Bangles

The brides of Maharashtra wear a combination of green and gold on their wedding day. The concept is similar to a Punjabi Chura, but bottle green bangles replace the red. Along with them, 24 karat bangles called the Pichodialong with these. Here is one such set in which the bangle count is in odd numbers to suit the local customs.

  • Material: Gold and Glass
  • Occasions: Weddings, Bridal Ceremony

Pearl Bangles:

When it comes to bridging the gap between traditions and modernity, nothing can quite come close to the popularity of Pearl Bangles. They are classy, stylish and have an understated beauty. Most of the bangles available in the mainstream market are made with faux pearls or artificially cultured pearls. Very rarely do we get to see the real ones obtained from the oceans! Here are some of the trendy pearl bangles to suit every audience:

1. Clustered Pearl Bangles:

Clustered Pearl Bangles

Now, this is what we call, elegance personified! These pretty bangles adorned with clusters of pearls are a must-have in your traditional jewellery box. The copper base is coated with antique gold plating and adorned with tiny white pearls, that look like bunches of grapes. You can wear them along with sarees and salwar to look like a desi diva.

  • Material: Copper
  • Occasions: Ethnic Events, Traditional Gatherings

2. Pearl Wedding Kada Bangles:

Pearl Wedding Kada Bangles

Whether it is for a wedding or a grand traditional ceremony, you need a pair of bangles that look as grand as this one here! The Kada style model is a thick bangle that can be worn on each of your hands. The screw-type opening makes it easy to open and close, without bruising your skin. Pick a pair of your size and stock them for the next festive event!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Occasions: Festivals, Weddings and Ethnic Events

3. Three-Line Pearl Bangles:

Three Line Pearl Bangles

This lovely pair of bangles features a pure variety of freshwater pearls. You can make out the quality in terms of the shape, texture and the shine on each of them. These beauties join as a cluster on these gold-plated, screw-open bangles. The joint is also rich in detail with two red rubies adding to the overall look!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Occasions: Day Parties, Small Gatherings

4. Pearl Bangles With Corals:

Pearl Bangles With Corals

Pearls and Corals are closely associated with each other! Yes! You guessed that, right! They are sourced from the water and cultured artificially in the labs. Seen here is one such pair made with the evergreen combination of red and white, coming from the corals and pearls respectively! The sharp contrast of these two colours against the gold background makes for a pretty sight!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Occasions: Festivals, Ethnic Events and Get-Togethers

5. Designer Pearl Bangles:

Designer Pearl Bangles

Flaunt these never-before-seen pair of pearl bangles in your next family gathering! The stunning duo feature groups of white and gold beads attached to a gold plated base. To add that “designer” touch, big crystal beads in green and maroon are fixed in random order. Try them on your Silk saree and get ready to woo the crowd!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Occasions: Small Parties, Get Togethers and Festivals

Silver Bangles:

The next best thing to buying gold is obviously, silver! This shiny metal holds a lot of value in the market and looks stylish too. So, if you are looking for the precious metal, yet not ready to spend a fortune, then we highly recommend these modern silver bangles. Wear them on sarees, gowns or even on your jeans to create a unique fashion statement!

1. Tribal Silver Bracelet Bangle:

Tribal Silver Bracelet Bangle

Unable to take your eyes off this piece? Such is the beauty of this bangle design! The tortoise bracelet Kada is made from 92.5 sterling silver, with an oxidised finish on the ends. This tribal motif not only reflects your unique taste and personality but also offers rich symbolism. Wear it on its own or along with a metal watch to flaunt your new arm candy!

  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Occasions: Casual and Everyday Wear

2. Stone Studded Silver Bangles:

Stone Studded Silver Bangles

Want a pair of diamond bangles, which are easy on your pocket? Well, try these diamond replica bangles to satisfy your inner desire. This lovely pair is made up of sterling silver on the base and cubic zirconia stones studded on the surface. You can wear these bangles every day without the worry of tarnish or theft and enjoy their brilliance!

  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Occasions: Everyday Wear, Small Parties and Social Get-Togethers

3. Silver Bangles With Ruby and Emerald:

Silver Bangles With Ruby And Emerald

For those who are not into white stones can try this ruby and emerald studded bangles. Made with pure silver, this pair is a real treat to jewellery lovers! You can wear them with all your ethnic outfits like sarees and salwar to look ethereal. To create a layered effect, stack up some plain silver or coloured glass bangles in between these statement pieces.

  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Occasions: Ethnic Parties and Festivals

Kundan Bangles:

Kundan Bangles are made with large, uncut precious stones to create beautiful patterns. While the real ones are very expensive and made with pure gold, there are affordable replicas available in the market. Listed below are some of the latest models in this segment to watch out for, this festive season:

1. Gold Plated Kundan Bangles:

Gold Plated Kundan Bangles

Transform even a simple outfit into a stylish ensemble by pairing it with these Kundan bangles! The gorgeous gold-plated ornaments add a charming look to your hands. With an unusual teardrop shape and high-clarity stonework, you cannot resist adding them to your shopping cart. Wear them together or split them into sets by adding more bangles in between.

  • Material: Alloy-gold plated
  • Occasions: Festivals, Ethnic Parties

2. Heavy Kundan Work Bangles:

Heavy Kundan Work Bangles

Here is a set of statement Kundan bangles which can take your ethnic outfit to a whole new level. The stunning Kadas are adorned with high-quality Kundan stones, emeralds and rubies to add a vintage charm. Awaken your inner royalty by wearing these gorgeous pieces on your hands. Match them with Kundan earrings and neckpiece for a complete look!

  • Material: Gold
  • Occasions: Weddings, Engagement and Festivals

3. Meenakari Kundan Bangles:

Meenakari Kundan Bangles

This handmade statement bangle is all you need to impress the crowd! The colourful meenakari Kada is adorned with large Kundansto get the Royal Razwada look. The cuff style bangle allows even bigger hands to access it easily. Just wear it on the one hand and a watch on the other along with your ethnic saree to steal the show!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Occasions: Weddings, Ethnic Events and Festivals

Fancy Bangles:

The word “Fancy” indicates anything that is creative and artistic. This is why fancy bangles are an instant hit with fashionistas who love to experiment with their looks every single time. Only sky is the limit when it comes to the variety of colour combinations, textures and designs available. So, if you want to add some of these new-style bangles, scroll down:

1. Multi-Coloured Bangles:

Multi Colored Bangles

Now, this is what we call a real fancy set! You can notice every variety of bangle that you could only dream of! From glass, lac, metal to acrylic and thread, every possible material is brought together to make you a show-stopper. You can just wear this set on any plain saree to amp up your fashion game. Create your own mix of bangles for a new look each time you go out!

  • Material: Glass, Thread, Acrylic, Metal and Lac
  • Occasions: Ethnic Parties, Weddings and College Fests

2. Boho Stackable Bangles:

Boho Stackable Bangles

Bring out the free-spirited creature in you with this gorgeous bangle set. The tri-coloured stack is specially designed for young women and girls who love to flaunt their unique taste. The bamboo-shaped bangles are paired with gold-plated textured bangles which go along very well with the traditional and western outfit.

  • Material: Metal
  • Occasions: Casual wear, Outings, Brunches

3. Personalised Name and Photo Bangles:

Personalised Name And Photo Bangles

Nothing can beat the thrill of a personalised jewellery set! Especially when it has the picture and name of you and your best-half, the excitement gets doubled. Seen here is one such idea for gifting purpose. Surprise your loved ones by getting them customised with your names, as well as a small picture to create life-time memories.

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Occasions: Gift for Anniversary, Birthday, Weddings

Glass Bangles:

Glass bangles have their own little charm! They make a soothing jingle at the slightest moment and bring us immense joy. In many communities, wearing glass bangles is a sign of marital status and never removed by the women until her husband passes away. Putting aside the customs and traditions, glass bangles are also worn by youngsters as a fashion statement! Here are some latest models to try out this year:

1. Stone-Studded Glass Bangles:

Stone Studded Glass Bangles

Glass and stones make for a pretty sight together. Especially when the combo comes in a Royal blue colour as this bangle set, there is no way you can stop yourself anymore! Seen here is a light-weight, stylish set of bangles which add a glossy look to your outfit. They come in different colours and shades to match all your sarees and moods!

  • Material: Glass
  • Occasions: Weddings, Festivals, Night Parties

2. Hand-Painted Glass Bangles:

Hand Painted Glass Bangles

Here is a different version of glass bangles which is sure to allure you! The lovely set comprises of different coloured Chudiyan, decorated with stonework and hand-painted design. These bangles add a quaint little charm to our outfit, especially when it is a plain saree or salwar suit. Feel free to mix and match different colours to create your own set!

  • Material: Glass
  • Occasions: Casual Wear, Festivals and Day Parties

3. Kada Style Glass Bangle:

Kada Style Glass Bangle

This pair of glass bangles are sure to blow your mind away! The trendy Kadas are made by adding three plain glass bangles together and decorated with beads. With such pieces in your jewellery box, you need not worry about what to wear in your next party. However, don’t go overboard with them and stick to just one piece on each of your hands.

  • Material: Glass
  • Occasions: Weddings, Festivals and Parties

Gold Plated Bangles:

Gold plated, also called Rold gold bangles, are made using a gold plating on metal bangles. They look and feel like the real ones, but come with a huge price advantage. Make sure to buy quality ones, as the cheaper versions can end up making you look garish. Here are some of the latest models in this segment, which you can wear without the worry of price or safety:

1. Traditional Gold Plated Bangle Set:

Traditional Gold Plated Bangle Set

Flaunt your love for traditions with this timeless collection of bangles. They look surprisingly realistic with the premium gold finish. With such exquisite craftsmanship and intricate detailing, there is no way you can make out that this a rold gold ornament. Wear them as a pair or along with plain bangles in between depending on the scale of the event!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Occasions: Weddings, Engagement, festivals

2. Ruby Stones Gold-Plated Bangles:

Ruby Stones Gold Plated Bangles

These ruby studded bangles go very well with your traditional ensembles. The pieces are intricately designed with two lines of pink stones and finishes with a bright green crystal on the joints. They are economically priced and a wise investment for the upcoming wedding and festive season. You can even wear them as individual pieces for a simple, yet elegant look!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Occasions: Festive Wear and Simple ceremonies

3. Gold Plated Kasu Bangles:

Gold Plated Kasu Bangles

The importance of a Lakshmi Kasu to south Indian women needs no special mention! Wearing Kasu style bangles is considered to bring good luck and fortune, especially on festivals. If you cannot afford Gold Kasus, then go for this set of four bangles. Combine them with red and green glass bangles to welcome Goddess Lakshmi in style!

  • Material: Brass
  • Occasions: Festive Wear, Weddings and Religious Events

Oxidised Bangles:

The word “oxidised” means exposing the metal to oxygen for getting a tarnished look! Oxidised jewellery, particularly bangles, are in trend for the last few years and are likely to stay for long. They are maintenance-free and offer a vintage look to your hands. Here are some of the latest models in the Oxidised variety to choose from:

1. Oxidised Black Metal Bangle Set:

Oxidised Black Metal Bangle Set

If you are in love with antique jewellery, you cannot miss out on this set! It comprises of two sets of bangles, having one statement piece at the centre along with thin and medium-sized chudi. High-Quality oxidised work on these metallic bangles add a glamorous touch to your outfit. Black stones adorn these ornaments to amp up your fashion game!

  • Material: German Silver
  • Occasions: Casual wear, festivals, Ethnic Parties

2. Oxidised Bracelet Bangles:

Oxidised Bracelet Bangles

This elegant set of two oxidized bangles can sort out your outfit woes! They elevate the beauty of your hands and make them look even prettier. You can wear them on ethnic outfits and fusion ensembles to bring out the chic boho factor. Team them up with a matching neckpiece and a pair of earrings to pose for your selfie!

  • Material: German Silver
  • Occasions: Traditional Events, Festivals

3. Oxidised Ghungoo Bangles:

Oxidised Ghungoo Bangles

Missing the sweet sound of a Ghungroo? But, hate wearing Payals? We have got a brilliant idea for you! Wear these Ghungroo bangles that are like anklets to your hands. The smooth surface of this oxidised set makes it comfortable for long-durations. You need not even worry about the bells scratching your skin because of their skin-friendly design.

  • Material: Brass
  • Occasions: Festivals, College and Casual wear

Ruby Bangles:

Rubies are blood-red gemstones and fall under the “precious” category. However, real rubies are expensive and priced equivalent to diamonds. This doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy wearing these bright stones. These semi-precious and faux Ruby bangles fulfil your desire, without burning a hole in your pocket:

1. Teardrop Style Ruby Bangles:

Teardrop Style Ruby Bangles

Fall in love with these gorgeous pair of ruby bangles, designed for special occasions. The tear-drop shaped stones add a traditional look to your outfit. Shiny CZ’s add a shine to the bangles and make them glamorous. You can wear them with contrast coloured sarees like green, white or even gold to create a bold statement.

  • Material: Brass
  • Occasions: Festivals, Religious Ceremonies

2. Heavy Kada Style Ruby Bangles:

Heavy Kada Style Ruby Bangles

This floral Ruby and CZ Kada set is a real treat to watch! The multi-functional bangles can be styled in different ways to add a jewel drama on your hands. You can wear them as single pieces or add simple bangles on either side for a quirky look. They are also surprisingly light-weight, so you have more reasons to pick them for every event!

  • Material: Brass
  • Occasions: Weddings, Festivals and Evening Parties

3. Designer Ruby Bangles:

Designer Ruby Bangles

If you are leaning onto the modern style of the fashion wall, then go for these bangles! The lustrous Kada is made with clear Cubic Zirconia and Ruby stones put together in a stylish way. The inner side of the bangle is smooth and easy to glide on your hands. You can wear it on Salwar suits, sarees and even cocktail evening gowns.

  • Material: Brass
  • Occasions: Weddings and Evening Parties

Baby Bangles:

Babies are irresistible and give us cute aggression! Especially when those chubby little arms are adorned with pretty bangles, there is no way you can resist squishing them. It is also a tradition in many regions to put gold or silver bangles on the hands of baby girls and boys. If you have a cute doll in your home waiting for a beautiful pair of bangles, then check out these new models:

1. Black and Gold Nazariyan Bangles:

Talking of baby bangles, the first product that comes to our mind is a black beaded one. Black beads are believed to ward off the evil eye and protect the baby from negative energies. Seen here is a pair in which are black beads are paired with gold balls to suit the tastes of modern parents. Whether it is a baby boy or girl, adding them to your shopping cart is a must!

  • Material: Alloy
  • Gender: Unisex

2. Traditional Silver Kada Bangles:

Traditional Silver Kada Bangles

These sterling silver Kadas are other popular variants in the baby bangle segment. You can pick from for babies aged 6 months or older when their arms grow a little wide. They come with a smooth finish to suit the tender skin of your baby. So, if you are looking for a stylish yet kid-friendly pair of bangles, then go for this one!

  • Material: Silver
  • Gender: Girls

3. Open Kada Style Bangles:

Open Kada Style Bangles

If you are looking for a pair of baby bangles for everyday use, check out this one! The smooth, open style bangles can fit most hand sizes of babies from 6 months to 2 years. The adjustable design makes it easy to put them on and remove without hurting your little one. Also, the plain design removes all your worries about beads or other harmful elements going into their mouth!

  • Material: Silver
  • Gender: Unisex

Men’s Bangles:

Who says bangles are just for women and babies? Men have their own variety of bangles, which are usually called bracelets or kadas in this case. They differ from ladies bangles in terms of make, thickness and design. You are likely to find a simple, smooth metallic Kada with one or two stones studded on it. Here are some of the top men’s bangles to check out this season:

1. Stainless Steel Bangle for Men:

Stainless Steel Bangle For Men

This bangle speaks of masculinity and power! The sturdy stainless steel cuff reveals your free-spirited attitude! It entire bangle is made up of highly polished SS with a hidden clasp. This makes it easy to wear and remove. This is a great idea to pamper yourself or your best friend! Ladies, you can buy it for your man and shower him with love!

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Occasions: Casual, Everyday wear

2. One Gram Gold Bangle for Men:

One Gram Gold Bangle For Men

If you are into traditional gold Kada models, then you must go for this piece! It is made with premium one gram gold material, which lends it a superior finish. The bangle comes in different sizes to suit individual measurements. You can wear it like a regular bangle and fix it above your wrist as a sign of male power!

  • Material: Gold Plating
  • Occasions: Weddings, Everyday wear

3. D-Bar Handcuff Bangle For Men:

D Bar Handcuff Bangle For Men

This D-bar handcuff is specially designed for collegegoers to show off their rebellious side. The ergonomic design makes it sit well on your wrist and works with a screw and lock system. A high-quality black rhodium finish gives it a deadly shine to complement your skin tone. Wear it with a rugged t-shirt and a pair of distressed jeans to woo the ladies!

  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Occasions: Casual and College Wear

Tips To Make Your Bangles Last Long:

Gold or rold gold, bangles are your favourite jewellery and need extra care to last long! Following these simple tips can make them look brand new, even after years of use:

  • Always store your bangles in separate boxes. Do not clutter them to avoid damage or breakages.
  • Buy bangle organisers, which can help you store and find your bangles better.
  • Glass bangles can be wrapped in a newspaper to prevent cracks on the surface
  • IF you have delicate stonework or other embellishments, wrap them around in cotton and store them separately
  • 1gm gold jewellery must not come into contact with water, chemicals and perfumes. These agents can damage the surface of the plating and reduce sheen.
  • Clean your metal bangles in a cloth dipped in white vinegar and water. This method helps in removing the grime without tarnishing the product.

We hope you loved this fabulous collection of Bangle designs! While we tried our best to cover all the varieties in this article, we are humans too and prone to errors! So, help us expand this collection with your favourite bangles and do share some pictures of them too. Who knows? Your style might get featured next time!

Such new bangles designs are very adorable among the girls. The wonderful work of the diamonds gives a heart smashing curvy design held in gold. Such bangles are worn on designer dresses and sarees. This design can also be made with colourful diamonds according to your outfit, but it gives its best attractive effect with white diamonds.

The heart designs have always been special for many women in jewellery. This is a symbol of love, care and purity. This type of gold heart Kada with cute white diamonds give a simple but sophisticated look to the wearer. As it is simple, it is also worn on casuals. This can be a heart-winning gift for your better half. This type of designs is also gifted to the toddlers as gifts, or also on the baby shower to the mother by the father expressing his love.