Best Skirt for Your Body Type

Best Skirt for Your Body Type

Create a slimming silhouette or enhance your curves with the best skirt for your body type. If your wardrobe includes all types of skirts, you might be ignoring the style that suits you best. Once you go deeper into the right way to pick a skirt. Women’s bodies are more complex than the four basic shapes, so finding the right fit is all about the subtle details.

Discover how to easily pick the best skirt for your body type and enjoy its form flattering benefits anytime you’re ready to dress to impress.

Best Skirt for an Hourglass Body Type

Luckily, most skirts looks well on the hourglass bodyshape, but the pencil skirt is still the best option for showing off your figure. Since the devil is in the details, you can still make mistakes that come off as less flattering. Curvy hips don’t always mean a luscious behind, so if you have a flat bottom you should usually go for bias-cut skirts. Keep them tight and go for stretch fabrics.

Best Skirt for a Pear Body Type

When you’re bottom-heavy, A-line skirts can be the best choice. Pleating always helps and the best lenght of a figure flattering skirt hits right at the knee. If you’re worried about large thighs, go for loose draping or pleated skirts (but the pleats should never extend above your hips). Wraps are another good options, but stay clear of waistbands, pockets and tight skirts in stretch fabric.

Best Skirt for a Rectangle Body Type

Dealing with little to none waist definition can be difficult, but you still have a few stylish options to choose from. Pleats around the waist can be very flattering and another good option are flared skirts. The line of your skirt should draw attention to your legs, so avoid any embellishments on your midriff. Thick belts are also a good idea, but skinny ones are the wrong choice.

Best Skirt for a Oval Body Type

Apple or oval body shapes have less waist definition and low stomachs. The pencil skirt if a good fit, especially when it’s tight. And keep your legs in the spotlight with an embellished hemline. If you’re not blessed with long legs, a dropped waist is also a great option. The best skirts for you hit between the mid-thigh and above the knee.

Best Skirt for a Diamond Body Type

The pencil skirt is the best fit for the diamond body shape too and can help you hide your larger stomach. Waistband details can be very flattering and the right length hits either above or just below the knee. A-line skirts are another good option and off-center slits are excellent choice, along with vertical details.

Best Skirt for a Inverted Triangle Body Type

A large bust or broad shoulders can be easily turned into an asset by creating an hourglass figure with extra volume on the bottom. Peplums are the best skirts that truly help your show off your silhouette in a flattering way. You can easily rock short skirts as long as they have a bit of texture and bright colors on the bottom are also very flattering. Choose skirts with hip details to create a flattering figure.

Best Skirts for Plus-Size Women

When you’re celebrating your curves, the most flattering options include the pencil skirt, along with A-line skirts that offer some waistline definition. Stay away from voluminous skirts, they help you hide your body my making it appear bigger. A well tailored skirt is a must, and detailing should be avoided.

Best Skirts for Petite Women

If you’re petite, your choice of skirts should help elongate your legs. Stick to above the knee skirts that are well fitted. High-waisted can be a good look for you, but voluminous pleats should be avoided. Try a tulip skirt instead and pair it with nude pumps for the best effect.

Best Skirt for Thick Ankles

When you’re choosing the best types of skirt for your figure, you should also take your ankles into consideration. Go for longer skirts and avoid all embellishment at the bottom if you don’t want to draw attention to your ankles. Pair them with boots that hit above the ankle. Booties may be cute, but they’ll exaggerate your problem.

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