Christian Lacroix Designs for Desigual

Christian Lacroix Designs for Desigual

For Christian Lacroix, 2020 was a rather unlucky year after his fashion house went into bankruptcy. Moreover, after Hassan bin Ali al-Nuaimi, a sheikh from Ajman, promised to buy the label, but the deal never materialized, Lacroix lost the rights to design under his own name.

Then, he started designing train-conductor uniforms and train interiors for the Tézo and TGV lines in France, but also opera costumes and outfits for Air France employees.

However, hard times seem to pass as Monsieur C. Lacroix, as he can no longer use his name on his designs, has made a capsule collection for the high street chain Desigual, the Spanish label known for having hosted an event to which customers spent hours outside their store in Soho, only in their underwear, in order to receive free clothes. Christian Lacroix Designs for Desigual

The first collection for fall 2020 includes 30 pieces, but the second one, for spring 2020 will be larger. The news of this special collaboration is great, while the result can at least be the same, since Christian Lacroix is so famous for the incredible shades and textures used.

On the Desigual’s blog there is this report saying that “These are a small taste of our collaboration, which will be more intense in the Summer 2020 collection”.

The Desigual team is, in fact, thrilled about the new collaboration. “Monsieur Lacroix and Desigual are getting to know each other. The aim: a breath of fresh air for the brand, Lacroix-style clothes within the Desigual universe. It is all about uniting creativities; brains and hearts working together. But as in any relationship, there is always a beginning. And the beginning was love at first sight.”

On the other hand, speaking about the first time he saw Desigual clothes, Lacroix says:

“As I watched her, I could recognize in her a member of my own tribe. It was an explosion of colors and patchwork under the elegant, discreet and always monotonous French sky. It was fantastic, truly love at first sight, a breath of fresh air, all multicoloured, scorching, revitalizing, radiating Mediterranean colors and flavors and creeping into this global and colorless magma inhabited by zombies and clones.”