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Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness

Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness

Perhaps one of the most stylish contemporary women, fashion icon Daphne Guinness manages to surprise us all each time she appears in public.

Daughter of Jonathan Guinness, 3rd Baron Moyne, she had a rather exotic childhood, traveling all around the world. She married Spyros Niarchos, son of the Greek shipping billionaire Stavros Niarchos, in 1987 at the age of 19, but divorced in 1999 with a reported settlement of about £20 million. However, she’s a true style icon not only for her family connections, as her style, looks, activities and social involvements have declared her a star.

Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness

Daphne is best characterized by her black and blonde hairstyle, sticking generally to black and white clothing. This fashion icon has a deep consideration and love for haute couture. Daphne Guinness has declared that aside from her mother and grandmother, her fashion inspirations are the writer and political activist Nancy Cunard, and socialite and philanthropist Mona von Bismarck.

This beautiful woman, raised in an artists colony near Barcelona with Salvador Dali and the Surrealists, has a very particular vision when it comes to style.

Her biggest passions and inspiration sources are jewelry, armor (as inspiration for clothing), feathers and crisp white shirts. All these things can be easily discovered in this recent documentary for the BBC, entitled The Secret World of Haute Couture.

Fashion Icon Daphne Guinness

She’s about to launch a limited edition fragrance, Daphne in collaboration with Comme des Garcons which will include as top notes bitter orange, incense and saffron. ‘Daphne’ will be exclusively available at Dover Street Market on September 4th then following a worldwide release starting September 18th, the first run of 5,000 bottles will retail at $140.

Daphne Guinness is more than a fashion icon; she’s also film producer and member of the Guinness brewing family. No wonder that her sense in fashion and couture has made her a co-chair of the Benefit Committee for the forthcoming Victoria and Albert Museum’s Golden Age of Couture Gala.

Described as the best dressed woman in the world, Daphne Guinness is absolutely a chic and elegant presence. She has that discreet rock star attitude, but combined with elegance and grace.

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