Get Inspired by the 80s Fashion

Get Inspired by the 80s Fashion

Twenty years ago, fashion was all about big sizes. Big, eccentric hairstyles, shoulder padded leather jackets, various t-shirts, acid-washed jeans and earrings, a mainstream fashion for teenagers.

Huge hiking boots and huge stars survived until this day. Madonna, David Bowie, Boy George and Michael Jackson were the icons of this period that survived, one way or another, until present tense.

As history is always repeating itself, we were all sure that the ’80s fashion will come back. So it did! The whole culture of the ’80s is now reflected on certain shows on the runway. What does this mean?

Get Inspired by the 80s Fashion

Well, it’s all about trophy jackets, acid-wash denim, big and very dynamic geometric prints, shoulder pads – I really thought people are so over these – and oversized bows. Of course, designers mixed two tendencies, so elements of contemporary fashion made their way, thank god!

The makeup is a distinctive mark, and so are many colors chosen to represent certain collections: denim, oyster beige, coral tones.

Get Inspired by the 80s FashionGet Inspired by the 80s FashionGet Inspired by the 80s Fashion

The ’80s were a decade of opulence, in which clothes and music were all evolving quickly and into styles never seen before. Many brands introduced the polo shirt as a must-have in every one’s closet: Izod, Brooks Brothers, and Polo Ralph Lauren. They certainly left a strong image behind them. So it’s pretty sure that you’ll find something to wear in this crazy come-back. Leggings, bleached denim, all sort of jackets, neon colors or more neutral ones, big accessories or a voluminous hairstyle, everything is now, yet again, simple and accessible.

The greater, the better. Opulence has reached its high levels again, so feel free to travel in time, back into the 80s! The fashion world surely does it! If you like ’80s fashion check out the makeup from the ’80s!

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