How to Buy the Perfect Swimsuit

How to Buy the Perfect Swimsuit

The right swimsuit can build up your confidence, whether you’re lounging by the pool or windsurfing. Find out how to get the most flattering fit and get the summer look that perfectly reflects your style, whether you’re looking for a bikini or a one piece.

Discover how to buy the perfect swimsuit with a few simple tips, ranging from the right way to shop for it to the best designs for your body shape and size.

Shop When You’re in a Good Mood

Finding the perfect swimsuit can sometimes simply be up to your mood. Avoid eating salty foods before you go looking for a nice bikini, since you don’t want water retention or a belly bloat to make you feel bad about your body. Get a fake tan and think of your best assets when you’re browsing through swimsuits, either in a store or online.

Ignore the Size

If you let size become an obstacle, you’re losing focus on how to buy the perfect swimsuit. Whether you need to go up or down a size from last year, think of what works best for you, not about a meaningless number. Size is even less important when you’re buying separates. Make sure the top feels comfortable and supports your breasts without leaving any skin out on the sides or underneath. If you can barely make it work in a fitting room, you won’t last long at the beach. For the bottom, you might even get one that feels a bit tight, since it will stretch after wearing it a couple of times.

How to Buy the Perfect Swimsuit

Avoid Trends That Don’t Work for Your Body

Even if you’ve spent a lot of time online looking at size 0 models showing off gorgeous swimsuits, be real with yourself when it comes to trends you can’t pull off. Don’t become a fashion victim with a style that simply doesn’t give you enough support or just looks wrong on your frame.

Stick to What’s Flattering

You don’t know how to buy the perfect swimsuit if you’re just attracted to colors and styles without acknowledging what works best for you. Go for cool prints and details to show off your butt or chest. If you want to show off your toned legs, avoid low cut suits that hide all your hard work.

How to Buy the Perfect Swimsuit

Try Halter Neck Swimsuits to Add Volume on Top

Padded cups are a good idea if you have a small bust, but the overall style of the swimsuit can also affect your proportions. Try a style with removable straps and go for a bright color for a balanced look. If you really want to get a voluptuous look, try gel-filled demicups. Last but not least, try horizontal lines on top for extra volume.

Stick to Solid Colors for a Big Bust

A darker shade of a solid color is the best way to make your bust look smaller. Go for synthetic fabrics that are more flattering on top. When you’re wondering how to buy the perfect swimsuit, don’t ignore the practical elements like wide, sturdy straps and underwire for extra support. A halter top is a good fit, but avoid it if you also have broad shoulders.

Add Volume on Top If You’re Bottom Heavy

The best way to find a flattering fit when your curves are mostly below your waist is to balance it with volume on top. Bandeau tops are a good idea, and ruffles also create the right effect, but only when they’re just on the top, never on the bottom. Go for a more sturdy fabric, which shapewear benefits, and try a high cut swimsuit if you want to create the effect of longer thighs.

How to Buy the Perfect Swimsuit

Always Go with Two Pieces If You Have a Long Torso

The one piece swimsuit is a timeless design, but if you’re worried that your torso is long, you’ll get a more flattering fit with two pieces. Try different colors for the top and the bottom, since the two-tone look balances out your proportions. Go for a classic halter but focus on a plunging V-neck and avoid any bottoms that create horizontal lines.

Go for High Cut Legs to Balance a Wide Waist

The V-neck halter top is also a great look when you want to know how to buy the perfect swimsuit for a wide waist. Vertical lines are another good choice, and details on the top can draw the eye there instead of your waist or hips. However, high cut legs are a must for creating a better proportion for a wide waist. If you’re going for a one piece swimsuit, try diagonal prints for a slimming effect.

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