How to Dress for a Job Interview

How to Dress for a Job Interview

Creating a good first impression is important regardless your career level. Since sometimes this opinion cannot be reversed, you should be extremely attentive when choosing the right outfit for the job interview. A clean and tidy physical appearance is a must as this not only says a lot of things about you, but it also boosts self-confidence. Here’s a basic guide on how to properly dress for a job interview. However, remember to stay professional without losing your personal style and adapt the outfit based on the domain of the job. The idea is not to disguise and wear a mask, but stay decent and be yourself.

As a job interview can be a real stressful moment, make sure you choose the outfit in time. The way you dress for the job interview is highly related to the nature of the job. For example, if the job is in domains such as finance or law, the outfit should be rather classic and severe.

Suits in a sober, plain color, white shirts, fine jewelry and a pair of simple, not too tall pumps works great. If you are looking for a job in a social environment, medical or something that has to do with kids, your should bet on the comfortable and practical side, choosing natural, comfy fabrics and pastels. A job in commerce also requires a suit.

How to Dress for a Job Interview

If the interview is for a job in domains such as communication or advertising, you are allowed to wear something a little bit more original. The same thing can be applied when it comes to artistic jobs where the classic suit can easily be replaced. However, don’t go to extremes and take full advantage of your creativity as it might disadvantage you. Good sense and originality should blend in this case in a harmonious way. Is up to you to put your balancing skills to the test. You can add a creative touch using unique accessories and shoes.

A jean is not a too bad idea as long as you match it properly, especially for a job in advertising. The outfit should be in accordance with the domain you want to work, but whether you need to adopt a more conservative look or a creative one, you have to look just like a real professional.

Two basic things for you to take into consideration are the cut and the colors of your clothes. Avoid provocative and too sexy outfits, such as a daring mini skirt, tight-fitting blazers or pants, or a deep decollete. Knee length dresses or skirts, but also pants and shirts represent some of the safest choices. As for the colors, stick to neutrals, such as black, white, gray, blue, or pastels. A black and white outfit will always look very elegant with a sophisticated touch. You can create a beautiful outfit by matching a high-waisted black skirt, a white shirt, a belt and black pumps. For those of you who are not so much into skirts, you can replace them with a pair of elegant black pants.

How to Dress for a Job Interview How to Dress for a Job

As we have said before, your outfit also has to be a reflection of your personality. What better way to do this than by choosing accessories that show your personal style? Moreover, they are the best way to sweeten a too severe outfit, adding elegance and originality to your overall look. However, remember not to exaggerate with your creativity and try to stay away from oversize jewelry and too bright and daring colors. The only indispensable accessory is the watch.

Another detail that shouldn’t be omitted are the shoes. Try to avoid extreme high heels as they can be rather uncomfortable. Besides, shoes that have a special, unique and more crazy design are a total no-no. The best way to impress is to keep it as simple as possible and go for something classic, such as a pair of black shoes. As for the handbag, this should be large enough for you to put your resume, a bloc notes and a bottle of water. Choose a handbag in a light, soft color.

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How to Dress for a Job Interviewtopshop.comHow to Dress for a Job

After the outfit has been chosen, it’s time we pass to makeup and hairstyle that need to be made following the same rules of simplicity and naturalness. You can choose a nude makeup and obtain a flawless looking skin, yet very professional. You can apply a soft coat of lip gloss or lipstick keeping everything rather natural without falling into the sexy category. Avoid too elaborated and studied hairstyles and keep everything as natural as possible going for a classic chignon. Clean and tidy should be the two words describing makeup and hairstyle for a job interview. This rule is valid for perfume too as we don’t want to asphyxiate the employer. Also, pay attention to your nails.

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