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How to Keep Your Sneakers Fresh

Let’s admit it seems almost impossible to keep all our shoes fresh all throughout the hot season. However there are remedies to at least try to keep your footwear clean and odorless.

Take a peek at these useful tips on how to keep your sneakers fresh.

It might sound strange however the best way to keep your sneakers neat and fresh is to wear socks. It’s pretty hard during the summer, unless you opt for some comfy cotton ones.

These will protect your footwear from dirt and sweat , that’s eliminated through your feet. Wear a clean pair every day, the trick is to practice the basic hygiene rules. Smelly feet are more than embarrassing, so take preventions.

Try the following trick, fill two socks with baking soda. Believe it or not it has the ability to extract the unpleasant odor from your shoes.

Place these into your shoes and leave them throughout the night then remove in the morning. Make a habit of this ritual, to test the actual results.

How to Keep Your Sneakers Fresh

Essential oils are good not only for a classy chill out but also to pamper your shoes.

Choose your favorite scent (peppermint, lemon, tea tree or rose) then pour 1-3 drops under the sole of your shoes.

Choose your favorite scent (peppermint, lemon, tea tree or rose) then pour 1-3 drops under the sole of your shoes.

This will give a special perfume to your sneakers or other footwear. More, it will maintain its effect for a longer time.

It’s not a rumor that quality shoes let your feet breathe naturally. Indeed skin-friendly fabrics and especially leather, will prevent the appearance of smelly shoes.Artificial fabrics tend to enhance foot sweating, avoid fabrics as vinyl and plastic.

After wearing your shoes all day, remove the sole and ribbons and let them stay in the sun. It was proved that the sun and the air are natural deodorizers.

This might require a few hours, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of fresh smelling shoes later.

Leave it there for a couple of hours, be careful if the sun is too strong, it might bleach the fabric.

Tea is a natural remedy for different illnesses, however it is also good for your tired sneakers and pumps. First of all choose one with an enchanting natural perfume, chamomile and all kinds of fruit teas are very refreshing.

Put some teabags into your shoes and leave them there for a few days. Your footwear will be fresh smelling and neat.

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