How to Make Silk Thread Bangles – Top 3 Designs

Fashion is synonymous to women in their accessories, clothing and the style which with they carry themselves. Women these days have a lot of accessories to choose from being bracelets, bangles, earrings, nose pin, anklets, chains etc. Trendy yet elegant looking jewellery pieces stand out and make a mark for themselves and are an instant eye catcher.

Bangles these days are a huge hit as an accessory to team up with almost every outfit be it Indian or western. Decorative bangles in huge array of materials and designs are on display everywhere. But currently the trends of handmade bangles are on the rise. Completely made using materials easily available, these can be made with a bit of creativity and passion to wear handmade things which give a sense of satisfaction.

How to make Silk Thread Bangles

How to Make Silk Thread Bangles at Home:

Style, charm, elegant yet trendy can be the adjectives for these lovely Handmade silk thread bangles. The efforts really show off while you wear this bangle. Truly the gifts to self being moments of pride on this achievement. Here we provide step by step process of making silk thread bangles at home.

There is one common process to be followed in making these silk thread bangles which is setting the silk thread to wrap it around the bangle.

Setting and Wrapping The Silk Thread for Bangle:

Materials Required:

  1. Silk threads
  2. Rectangular plastic box or a book
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors

The Process:

  1. Take the silk thread and wrap it around the plastic box or book for around 20 rolls.
  2. Take all the threads together closer and then glue them at one point.
  3. After it dries a bit, cut the extra threads.
  4. The thread is now secure as one thick silk strand.
  5. The silk thread is ready to be used around the bangles.

Now we will look into the top three ways to make homemade silk thread bangles.

1. How to Make Silk Thread Bangles with Gold Chains and Pearls:

Handmade Silk Thread Bangles with Gold Chains and Pearls

Silk combined with gold thread and pearls to create absolutely stunning pair of handmade bangles. With the minimal materials, patience and the passion to create a beautiful bangle, one can begin with these silk thread golden chain bangles which look purely traditional and ethnic.  The design can be according to one’s imagination and one’s creative mind.

We Will Have a Look into The Materials Required to Make This Silk Thread Bangle:

  1. Plastic bangles
  2. Silk threads (colours according to one’s choice)
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue/Fevicol
  5. Pearls chain
  6. Pearls
  7. Gold beaded chain
  8. Stone lace

Now we will check out the step by step method for making this DIY project.

  1. Follow the steps to set and wrap the silk threads as suggested above first.
  2. Take the bangle and apply glue on the inside and stick the silk thread securely.
  3. Start rolling the silk thread all over the bangle tightly so that it is secure and there are no gaps.
  4. When completed rolling fully, stick the silk thread to the bangle again with glue.
  5. Let it dry for some time and cut the extra silk threads.
  6. Apply a pearl bead with glue on the bangle.
  7. Now apply glue on the circumference of the bead and stick the stone chain carefully.
  8. Cut the stone chain at the required length and press the chain well to the bangle.
  9. Follow this process for four to five pearls or as required in the design.
  10. Next, apply three lines of glue on the bangle from one pearl to another pearl.
  11. Stick the pearl chain in the centre and the golden beaded chains on the sides gently.
  12. Continue till this completes the bangle fully.
  13. Stick the pearl chain and golden chain and secure it to the bangle allowing it to dry.
  14. Cut any extra threads or chains/beads etc. from the finished bangle.
  15. Silk thread bangle is done.

2. Handmade Checkered Silk Thread Bangles:

Handmade Checkered Silk Thread Bangles

Silk thread bangles in close checkered pattern with embellishments like stones, beads, patch work, kundan etc. look gorgeous for any occasion and is a classy wear accessory. This is the latest trend and looks fabulous and beautiful with sarees and any ethnic wear. Silk threads are intertwined in contrasting matching colours to give a completely enthralling look to the bangle. Making them gives a huge contentment but wearing them will give a lot of happiness from the compliments one receives.

Let us now Look into The Required Materials for Making These Silk Thread Checkered Bangles:

  1. Plastic Bangles
  2. Scissors
  3. Cutter
  4. Glue
  5. Silk threads in colours of yellow, green, blue, red and pink
  6. Paper clips/Stationary clips/Cloth clips
  7. Coloured Kundans
  8. Golden Ball Chain
  9. Stone chain
  10. Other decorative items as required as per one’s wish

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We will check the process of making silk thread checkered bangle with two medium sized yellow bangles. If using one bigger width bangle, use only one bangle then. We will use two medium yellow sized bangles here. Preferably to avoid colour variation and gaps and to get the proper finished look, we have to use the same base silk thread as the colour of the bangle. The colour being yellow in this case. Now we will check the process in details:

  1. Stick the two medium sized yellow bangles with glue. Allow it to dry.
  2. Roll and sort the pink, green, blue and red threads as per the above mentioned process for setting and wrapping the silk threads.
  3. Follow the same setting and wrapping process for yellow thread too but for 30 rolls as this is the base thread for the yellow bangles.
  4. Apply glue on the face of the bangle.
  5. Stick the silk threads of pink, blue, green and red in that order individually and carefully.
  6. Allow the threads to dry well.
  7. Next is to knit the bangle with yellow silk thread as base.
  8. Apply glue on the inside of the bangle and stick the yellow thread.
  9. Separate the four coloured silk threads and fold the edges and put the paper clips/stationary clips at the end of each coloured thread.
  10. Apply glue on the bangle and wrap the bangle with yellow thread tight and secure till the thread finishes. Ensure that there are no gaps in between.
  11. Glue the yellow thread at the end.
  12. Cut extra threads if any.
  13. Repeat the same process for the yellow thread few more times starting from where we left the previous thread. This will give a six to eight inch length patch for decoration of the bangle.
  14. Again stick a roll of yellow thread on the bangle.
  15. Next step is weaving of the silk threads for the checkered pattern.
  16. We have four colours pink, green, blue and red stuck to the bangle. We will start weaving with the pink and green thread. Pull the red and blue threads up and wrap the yellow thread on the pink and green thread.
  17. Now we will weave with the red and the blue threads, pulling the pink and green threads up with the yellow base thread. The paper clips allow easy maneuvering of the threads.
  18. Similarly reversing the order alternate with pink green and red blue combinations.
  19. Gently keep pulling the threads for them to be tight and ensure no gaps in between to properly form the coloured patterns.
  20. Repeat the process till the end where there is already a yellow stretch kept for decoration. It might be a little difficult and bit complex, but as one progresses, the work becomes easier.
  21. Stick the other coloured threads and cut extra threads if any. Roll yellow thread on them for few times.
  22. Towards the end wrap the yellow thread few times tightly and glue them together. Always ensure to attach on the inside of the bangle.
  23. Using fingers adjust any loose threads if any.
  24. Next part is the decoration with kundan. Stick the coloured kundan on the centre of the yellow patch.
  25. Next, with the help of glue, stick the golden ball chain around the circumference of the kundan.
  26. In the next layer, stick the stone chain in a similar fashion. So the kundan is encircled with two chains.
  27. If using patch work, make use of them in a similar fashion.
  28. Allow the decoration to dry.
  29. Finish off the bangle by adjusting any loose threads or cutting them and let the bangle dry completely.
  30. The colourful silk thread checkered bangle is ready.

3. Handmade Criss Cross Silk Thread Bangles:

Handmade Criss Cross Silk Thread Bangles

Loaded with beauty and full of wow factor are these crisscross silk thread patterned bangles. With minimum materials, one can create magic by investing in a bit of time. The crisscross pattern is usually found in clothes, sarees, apparels etc. The same is here re created in bangles too.

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The Materials Required for Making This Lovely Bangle Are:

  1. Bangle
  2. Scissors
  3. Silk threads in two colours
  4. Glue
  5. Stone line

Now we will look into the making of the bangle process in detail. We have used two threads in yellow and pink, yellow for the base of the bangle and pink for the crisscross pattern.

  1. Follow the process for setting and wrapping the silk thread to 20 rolls as mentioned above.
  2. Apply glue to the inside of the bangle and wrap the bangle with the base silk thread, here being yellow covering the bangle fully.
  3. Allow it to dry after gluing the end of the yellow thread at the completed edge.
  4. Next apply glue to the centre of the bangle in a line.
  5. Stick the stone line carefully after cutting the required length.
  6. Allow it to dry completely.
  7. Set and wrap the pink silk thread for 5 rolls as per above mentioned process. So this pink thread line will be thin compared to the yellow threads.
  8. Apply glue to the inside of the bangle.
  9. Stick the pink thread and take it across on the top of bangle adjacent to the stone.
  10. Wrap the pink silk thread line by line tightly covering the stones in a cross pattern or cross model.
  11. The thread should be between all the stones.
  12. End by applying glue at the bottom and stick it to the bangle.
  13. Now we repeat it in opposite direction to complete the crisscross pattern or rather to get an X in all the stones.
  14. Cross model should appear on each and every stones.
  15. Ensure the pink threads are tight and secure so that the finish is proper.
  16. On completion, glue the pink thread on the inside of the bangle.
  17. Cut extra threads if any.
  18. Allow the bangle to dry well. The crisscross patterned silk thread bangle is done.

Awesome looking with the bright colours of silk threads, stone work, beads, pearls, kundan etc. these look magically brilliant when worn. With a huge variety of designs to explore from, these are therapeutic in the sense that one gets the feeling of doing something on our own and is a great way to relax and unwind. Craft and to top it being a DIY is just the new cool way to create some really great stuff to cherish for. Make these silk thread bangles in your own creative way and flaunt them.

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