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Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags

Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags

Many women rank handbags as their must have accessory being one of the objects that they are willing to splurge on each and every season in order to stay fashionable and follow the latest trends. Kara Ross’s handbag collection is definitely on that should be considered by fashionistas everywhere as it combines luxury, modernism and edginess in an extremely interesting way that is sure to excite the imagination and to challenge our mixing and matching skills.

Using a great variety of intense, eye catching colors, the handbags are definitely a good match for those who like to be on the spotlight as well as those who are not afraid of making bold choices. Although neutral shades find their way in the collection, intense colors undoubtedly dominate as they add expressiveness and a touch of energy to the collection. Aside fro the bold colors that make the creations stand out we can also notice a preference for the certain textures that are basically synonym with opulence and luxury, providing a refined yet daring vibe to the collection: exotic skin leather.

Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags

The color combinations are rarely striking or very dramatic and often fall within the same color ranges. An ombre effect as well as an attentive selection of colors to create a subtle yet noticeable effect are some of the best features of the collection if we take into account the powerful impact this simple idea has over the final results. Even though clutches make up an important part of the collection there are also more spacious bags for those who want to combine functionality and style in a single bag that will help them tackle all the daily challenges. Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags

While the fabric and the color palette can one distinctive motif can be noticed on almost all the clutches and handbags presented. A rectangular detail often becomes the main point of attraction and manages to become one of the main focus points. This classy addition manages to add a more sophisticated touch to the entire collection making it stand out.

The preference for well defined angles instead of soft, romantic lines gives the collection of sense of classicism that in a sense tones down a bit the edginess of the handbags making them suitable for great variety of tastes and applicable for a great variety of circumstances. So whether you prefer something chic and chic or someone practical and stylish you can still find various alternatives that will suit your needs.

Although the collection does not necessarily impress through the complexity of the patterns available or through usual shapes and texture the great versatility of the designs as well the wonderful modern touch of the collection as well as the upbeat colors will definitely attract a lot of women who want to perk up their style in a classy yet exciting way.

Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags Kara Ross Spring 2020 Handbags

Photos by Thomas Iannaccone via wwd.com

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