Fashion is a language spoken and understood universally. Over the past 100 years, the influence and change that fashion has visualized have been exponential. The aim of fashion is not only to make one look good but to also give a super boost of confidence. The fashion life cycle consists of the lifespan of a particular type and how long it exists in a specific shape, look, shape, or type. Fashion has five stages in its life cycle, and they are the Introduction stage, Rise, Peak, Decline, and Out-of-fashion stage.

A classic fashion may be defined as a style that lasts for many seasons or even years. It is something that is accepted by a vast range of people. Classics are those styles that one does not doubt about, as it will always be acceptable from year to year. The term “high fashion” is a way of describing fashion that is trendy, unique, and exclusive. The trend tends to work in cycles partly because people’s tastes change, and also because every generation looks forward to an aesthetic inspiration from past generations.

Fashion need not be just clothes but can consist of handbags, belts, blazers, blouses, kurta, lehengas, salwar suits, sandals, and sarees. A significant change is seen in innerwear, maternity, and nightwear, where they have moved from plain designs to exotic ones leading to the loungewear. Youngsters of today have a vast range to choose from in sunglasses, sweatshirts, T-shirts, tops, and skirts. Decade after decade, new trends have been seen, and we have seen many changes based on the inspiring style icons of the time.

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Undergarments are an important part of human clothing. They constantly remain in touch with the most sensitive parts of the body and hence, should also