The Curvy Girl’s Fall Fashion Essentials

The Curvy Girl’s Fall Fashion Essentials

Dress up your curves with the most stylish wardrobe staples of the season. These would not only emphasize and polish your silhouette but would also keep you versed with the latest style trends. Find out the best style tricks that would make you feel confident and pleasant in your skin. From the stylish outerwear to the key outfit pieces as pants and tops to the coolest accessories all would serve the same purpose namely to keep you chic and up-to-date with the latest fashion designs. Juggle with the tailoring patterns as well as shades and make sure you are proud of your flirty figure as this is the ultimate solution to look stunning. Draw some inspiration from the curvy celebs as Christina Hendricks or Kim Kardashian who managed to change the beauty ideal of the past years.

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In the midst of the quest for a stylish cover-up make sure you stop at the latest blazer trends. These would keep you voguish and would perfectly complement your overall appearance. Choose from the stylish block colored designs as well as the patterned types to adopt the latest prints trends. Indeed one of the best solutions to bring out the most of your curves is to sport form-fitting blazers with cinches in the waist section. Look through the must have shades of the season and pair them with stylish lace or striped tops as well as fab pants designs. Keep your appearance neat and make sure you don’t stuff your outfit with too many prints and complex designs instead rely on the power of simplicity to earn public praise.

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Camel Coat

Cold day outfits scream for stylish coats, therefore it’s time to arm up your wardrobe with the latest designs that would keep you warm and faddish throughout the upcoming months. Camel coats are indeed the all time winner style options when it comes of folding yourself into a soft and silky fabric. A similar must have style item would also help you play with the proportions of your silhouette. Cinched designs as well as the belted styles would accentuate your feminine features in an instant. Look for the double-breasted designs or the more minimalist style designs to achieve the desired visual effect. Feel free to wear light shades as these would break up the monotony of the neutral toned outfits.

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Trouser Pants

Whether you look for the stylish silky pants or would go for the cargo designs the point is to play with the visual effect of your curves. This time bulky textures are not a faux pas, therefore feel free to wear trouser pants with great confidence and choose the ones that are softened in their fabric and tied or slimmed down on the waist area. These are the real deal when it comes of trouser pants for the cold season. Those who wear the most of their weight on the lower part of the body would be thrilled to adopt the trend and popularize it with a curvy rather than 0 size silhouette. The ultimate solution however to fight your fears of looking bigger is to pair the stylish pants with high heels preferably with a pointed toe as it would further lengthen the legs.

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Cool Cardigans

Cardigans are also promoted both by the runway collections as well as stylish celebrities who use it as the best tool to flash the best spots of their body and mask the ones that should be hidden. Cropped cardigans would serve as the best means to draw the attention to the decolletage or the upper half of the body if you are proud of these features. On the other hand you can also sport longer cardigans, however make sure these won’t reach your knees and stop at the hips area. Go for the smooth and silky fabrics or lace which does miracles with a plain outfit and highlights your femininity right away. Pair the stylish cardigans with cute tank tops that would also create a harmonious effect.

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Pointed Toe High Heels

Heels are considered some of the secret weapons to create a slimming effect to our silhouette. However those who are rookies in the art of walking like a model should opt for the stylish kitten heels that are both comfortable and extremely chic. No wonder lady-like features were dominating the red carpet as well as the runway as more and more ladies would like to combine comfort with chic. Pick one pair of the stylish pointed toe shoes in leather, suede or other materials and wear it paired with your cute and cool trouser pants or stylish skirts. Enhance your legs with long and lean effect and sport some of the most faddish shoes designs of the season.

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