Top 15 Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs

No matter whose wedding it is, every time you are invited to one, you find yourself struggling with the idea of what to wear. Worse if you are choosing your own outfit for the day is the bride, you need everything sorted ahead of time. If being busy you cannot manage the whole shop hopping and window shopping thing, here are the best picks from our side for you to choose the best wedding embroidery blouse design.

Beautiful Collection of Bridal Blouse Embroidery Designs with Pictures:

Are you looking for bridal blouse embroidery designs? Here are the best wedding embroidery blouse designs for brides with images.

1. Blouse with Zari Work:

Blouse With Zari Work

When you end up searching around for embroidery designs for blouse, this one will come to your rescue. Look at the golden zari around the hooks and the sleeves. This blouse is a good choice, particularly if you want to focus on the beauty of your blouse and the saree in itself has nothing much to offer.

2. Blouse with Sleeve Embroidery:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Blouse with Sleeve Embroidery 2

For embroidery blouse designs for net sarees, this one is a gorgeous look with the whole embroidery stonework thing going on in the sleeve. The blouse itself, in this case, should be as equally elegant as the saree, and so you should usually choose these blouses for wedding events or so.

3. Sheer Blouse with Floral Pattern:

Sheer Blouse With Floral Pattern

If your saree brags of a perfectly sequined floral look, why should it have all the fun all by itself? Look at the blouse as well, with golden sheer material, but the blue flowers on it are clearly stealing the show here.

4. Jacket Style Blouse:

Jacket Style Blouse

Oh well, blouse neck designs for net saree actually looks good with almost all designer sarees and the style that it can bestow you with is unbelievable. It is unique in every way and different from the blouses that you usually see around.

5. Asymmetrical Blouse with Zari Sleeves:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Asymmetrical Blouse with Zari Sleeves 5

A good choice of jewellery will make you stand out in the scene instantly with this design. Ideal for marriage invitations, this blouse is one of the best on the list.

6. Blue Blouse with Embroidery:

Blue Blouse with Embroidery

If your saree has a set of zari, this blouse should be a great option for you. This blouse is ideal for situations where you have a plain saree to wear and can let the blouse steal the show.

7. Blue Halter Neck Blouse:

Blue Halter Neck Blouse

The saree in itself is equally gorgeous, but we are to lay emphasis on the blouse only. The blouse as you can see is golden in colour and has a blue border to boast of. After all, there’s no denying that Katrina is pulling the look off so well.

8. Red Embroidery Wedding Blouse:

Red Embroidery Wedding Blouse

The blouse embroidery design right here is red and ideal for the bride to be. So far what we featured are mostly for people who love low key designs, but this one, being so perfect in itself and high on the stonework and zari. If you want a more feminine touch in the blouse you pick, it cannot get better than this as your bridal look.

9. Golden Brown Blouse Back Neck Design with Zari:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Blouse Back Neck Design with Zari 9

The brown sleeved blouse that you see here is another on the list of embroidery designs for wedding blouse. With an uneven mirror design and stonework around it, the blouse is different from the ones you usually see. Even so, it still manages to leave a good impression on the eye and is a good choice.

10. Black Velvet Embroidery Blouse:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Black Velvet Embroidery Blouse 10

If your love for velvet is undying, why not flaunt it to the best with this blouse design? The black brings out most of the silver and golden zari work on the high neck. Ideal for net sarees as well, make sure you wear a designer saree that does not cover up the beauty of the blouse.

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11. Blue Peacock Embroidery Blouse:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Blue Peacock Embroidery Blouse 11

The peacock is placed cleverly on the back and the royal blue colour of the blouse makes it easier to make out. It is embroidered into the blouse and ideal for the bride on her reception day. The sleeves feature a set of peacock feathers on them and manage to add to the charm of the blouse.

12. Red Floral Embroidery Blouse:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Red Floral Embroidery Blouse 12

The golden roses on the red blouse are kind of a detailed contrast that will suit the bride best with her traditional attire. If it’s a silk saree that you are choosing, nothing will suffice as the blouse piece than this one here.

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13. Kutch Embroidery Blouse:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Kutch Embroidery Blouse 13

The multi-coloured blouse that you see here, is more like an intricate network of threads and embroidery. Every nook and corner of the blouse is literally covered with the zari work, and needless to say, it is suiting the whole look well.

14. Velvet Embroidery Blouse in Blue:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Velvet Embroidery Blouse in Blue 14

Velvet blouse that you see here is the blue colour this time and features a floral pattern that is neatly embroidered into the blouse. There are latkans on the string and the cut of the blouse is very basic and square, but it still has an appealing look to it.

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15. Front Neck Zari Work:

Wedding Blouse Embroidery Designs-Front Neck Zari Work 15

The lace does have a zari work in itself, thus making the full sleeve look better overall. The saree itself that should be worn with this will be very feminine, which is why the blouse is in the hype of the fashion industry these days and for all the good reasons.

With that comes to end our long list of the top 15 embroidery wedding blouse designs. No matter how you like it, super simple or very intricate, the embroidery featured here will make sure every wedding you attend will have the eyeballs of everyone around on you without even trying too hard.