Top 3 Methods of How to Make a Bangle Box at Home

Top 3 Methods of How to Make a Bangle Box at Home

Bangle box is a must to keep our bangles safe for a longer period of time. Beautiful bangles made with sparkles or glass or the bangles that get damaged with the frequent touch of other things to it need special storage. We can easily get bangle boxes from the shops but do you know? It is also very easy to make the bangle box at home in few steps and also with material that can be found in our home. Means we can make best bangle boxes out of waste.

There are so many different and easy going ideas to make beautiful bangle boxes for your day to day bangles. Bangle box from old newspapers, Cardboard bangle box and from old cabinets and from good old shoe boxes are some very beautiful ideas.

3 Handmade Ways to Make Bangle Box at Home:

Diy bangle box is a easy process for making at home. Here we present 3 different ways for making bridal box by using papers.

1. Bangle Box From Old News Papers:

Bangle Box From Old News Papers

Have you ever thought of how to make a bangle box at home and that too with old newspapers?  So here is the way to make use of old newspapers and make an attractive bangle box.

Things you Need: news papers, glue, scissors and thick papers

  • First of all roll the news papers into thin rolls of the same size. You can take one single paper for each roll.
  • Now take a rectangular shape paper of any size you want, and stick the newspaper rolls one by one in order with the help of glue.
  • Once the entire paper is covers with paper rolls cut them into one size and even glue it on top of it with water and glue mixture.

Bangle Box -2

  • Now take two papers cutting of the shape of U, one side flat and the other side round. Stick the newspaper rolls in the same way as we did above but on both the sides of the paper.

Bangle Box -3

  • Once the three papers rolled parts are dried and stiff you can now assemble them into a bangle box. Cut the circular part of the small parts of the similar two papers.
  • Now one by join the parts with super glue and then color the box with your favorite color and create a beautiful bangle box.

A beautiful bangle box is ready for you and no one can ever tell from what you have made the box from.

2. Bangle Box From Corrugated Papers:

Bangle Box From Corrugated Papers

Corrugated papers are so attractive in looks, if you imagine making creative things out of it, there are amazing ideas. There are many things made from corrugated papers that can help you in many ways. Let’s make an attractive handmade bangle box out of such beautiful papers.

Things you Need: corrugated colorful papers, card board, scissors, glue, a round small pipe and ribbons

  • Cut the Cardboard sheets into beautiful round shape a bit large than the size of bangles you want to store.
  • Now cover the card board rim with colorful strips. You can even cover it entirely with colorful papers if you wish.

Bangle Box -5

  • You can take a cardboard pipe of paper rolls tube for holding the bangles inside the box.
  • Now stick the corrugated papers to the round card boards each on one side.
  • And your beautiful easy bangle box is ready within few seconds. Attach a ribbon to keep the bangle box closed and to make it open.

A bangle box with a colorful texture can be in your wardrobe for each of your bangle set.

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3. Bangle Box From an Empty Tape Roll:

Bangle Box From an Empty Tape Roll

Have you ever thought of making a bangle box out of used up tape roll. Yes a finished large tape roll can give you a beautiful box to keep your bangles set safe in your wardrobe and even when you are out; it is safe in your luggage. The DIY bangle box idea will definitely be loved and admired by people who see it.

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Things you Need: an empty tape roll, Cardboard pieces and decorative sheets of your choice, glue, scissors and magnet.

  • Take the empty tape roll and cut it into two pieces in the ratio of 3:1 so that you can give it a shape of the base and the cover lid.

Bangle Box -8

  • Now again join one of the ends of both the pieces with a strong tape for the reason that it becomes easy to open and close the bangle box.
  • After joining the two parts, cover the surface with white paper or foam to give a similar outlook to the box.
  • Place the magnet on the ends of the pieces so that it gets closed when near to each other and make sure it does not appear outside and not even get too much closed inside the foam.
  • Now cover it with beautiful colored or decorative paper you have chosen for your bangle box.
  • Now take two round cardboard sheets of the size of the tape roll and cover them with the decorative paper. You can take similar color paper or a contrast color of your choice.
  • Join both the cardboard pieces to the either sides of the tape roll and close the bangle box into the last step.

So your beautiful single bangles box is ready. It is so helpful when such small boxes are always there for your different sets of bangles keeping them separate. With such easy ideas making bangle boxes at home has become easy and fun.

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Making creative objects at home from things available from inside the house only is a thing of creativeness in your mind. Simple and fun ideas that can also be easy understanding to small children are found from DIY creative ideas. Just imagine, going out for a marriage and you have to take bangles kept in your purse loose and unsafe! Try and make beautiful bangle box out of anything you have in your house. A bit of new idea and tricks you can get yourself an outstanding bangle box. We can make beautiful bangle box from old news papers. Here are few steps you can follow to bring the best out of waste in to real.

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