Top 9 Gemstone Beads in Latest Designs With Images

For those who love to wear trending jewelry, or love designing their own fashion accessories, gemstone beads is the best cost effective manner to decorate your wardrobe. They are easily available in the stores in various colors, shapes, cuts and sizes to select from. The jewelry is made mainly from two types of beads made from gemstones like precious gemstone beads and semi precious gemstone beads. Both the categories have their own importance and significance.

Beautiful Gemstone Beads With Images:

Here are some of the qualitative stone beads which are the prime choice for any jewelry designers. Select your best one and wear it.

1. Quartz Gemstone Beads:

Gemstone Beads

These natural stone beads are widely used for meditation and healing purpose. The gemstone bead is quite linked with creativity guiding you to the right and positive path. It is also the best for strength and encourages learning. The beads symbolize love and concern.

2. Amethyst Gemstone Beads:

Amethyst Gemstone Beads

These are the perfect jewelry stones and beads. The delicate purplish crystal clear beads are swanky, hard to resist and attractive. It is highly used to inspire someone or clairvoyance. It contains psychic powers and also brings prosperity to the wearer.

3. Citrine Gemstone Beads:

Citrine Gemstone Beads

Citrine comes in the semi-precious stone beads category. The sunny beads are filled with several positive qualities, and hence, it is also known as the stone of success. The beads are used as charms of money and lavishness. Wearing the beads endorses positivists, self-confidence and clarity in thinking.

4. Sapphire Gemstone Beads:

Sapphire Gemstone Beads

Widely known as the Stone of Prosperity, Sapphire beads are precious stone beads. The beads are widely gifted to the loved ones to help them in gratifying their dreams. The beads are connected to the internal peace, intuition and happiness. The gemstone symbolizes hope and care.

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5. Moonstone Gemstone Beads:

Moonstone Gemstone Beads

Moonstone beads are available in various shades of water color or say white crystal color. The beads of this stone are concomitant with perception, creativity and noble fortune. It promotes nurturing and attracts feelings like love, sympathy and compassion. The passion stone is also widely gifted to married couples to add spice their sexual life.

6. Garnet Gemstone Beads:

Garnet Gemstone Beads

Garnet is the popular semi-precious gemstone beads which come in brownish and warm red color. They represent love, loyalty and passion. As a healing stone, they are also used in the purification of blood and increase imagination power. Use them to promote passion in jewelry and see the magic it does.

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7. Tiger Eye Gemstone Beads:

Tiger Eye beads are natural gemstone beads which protect against negative vibes. They help in maintaining balance emotionally, confidence and education. It is also worn to increase the capability of taking correct decisions.

8. Tourmaline Gemstone Beads:

Tourmaline Gemstone Beads

These lovely beads help in strengthening the mind and body. They help in nerves calming, soothing the grief, help in balancing and self-confidence. It keeps the mind peace to increase the power of understanding situations and taking decisions.

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9. Aquamarine Gemstone Beads:

Aquamarine Gemstone Beads

These stone beads have a great control on the mind of the wearer helping him in clarity, self-expression and tranquility. The beads provide peace to the mind by releasing stress and tension; hence, are used for meditation. The color of the beads has associated the beads with the Goddess of Sea.

Henceforth, different gemstone beads have their own benefits to the human body along with different healing properties too. The beads providing with eternal peace are highly used to make prayer malas for meditation, and are also given to people who get angry quickly to keep them calm. Select the best gemstones in the form of beads for yourself and get the finest jewelry designed from it to improve your living principles.