Top 9 Religious Cross Locket Designs

Lockets have been popular since ancient times. Wearing a locket, a pendant or amulet has been the best way to keep memories alive for further years. No matter whatever material they are made from, they have given a new genre for jewellery named as cremation jewellery.

Best and Stylish Cross Locket Designs:

Here are some renovated designs of the cross locket to decorate your neckline with a funky look.

1. Simple Stainless Silver Cross Locket:

Simple Stainless Silver Cross Locket

A quite simplified cross locket necklace design is made with stainless steel. The pendant is made with three layers in increasing height with a chain braided design necklace. The pendant is widely carried for regular purposes.

2. Photo Memory Cross Locket:

Photo Memory Cross Locket

A photo locket with the cross is the best way to handle the memories of loved ones like mother, father or wife. Whether carried in silver or gold, the locket allows you to store two pictures in it.

3. Jesus Charm Cross Locket:

Jesus Charm Cross Locket

Jesus cross locket is given a new look with attractive fonts. The stainless steel charm is mostly loved by men over casuals for a stunning look in parties. The ones with S as initial letter can also use this pendant.

4. Magic Heart Cross Locket:

Magic Heart Cross Locket

For the lovers, the cross locket images come with a new pattern. The heart shape locket in silver is given a net cutting with a cross embossed on it. The charm or locket also allows you to store your lover’s image inside it with a heart cutting.

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5. Citrine Cross Locket:

Citrine Cross Locket

Here is an enchanting design of locket cross designs in diamonds. The oval shape Citrine stone is given a gold bordered cross design decorated with tiny diamonds in it. The border of the oval locket is also given similar white diamonds design.

6. Engraved Cross Locket:

Engraved Cross Locket

Looking for a personalized Christian cross locket! The stainless steel locket of cross carries the engraved name of the loved ones or the wearers for a personalized touch to the pendant. The names can also be given black ink for making it catchier.

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7. Antique Cross Locket:

Antique Cross Locket

A combination of a gold cross locket with tiny white pearls is definitely an amorous design to go with. The cross in the locket is given a shimmering design with four pearls in the centre joints and a pearl in the centre of the cross.

8. Treasure Box Cross Locket:

Treasure Box Cross Locket

A treasure box with cross designed locket collection is made with imitation metal. The silver box is given curvy designs which form a cross design on all the four sides. The box is capable of storing tiny memories and is available in various shapes.

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9. Relic Cross Locket:

Relic Cross Locket

A locket with a cross which gives a design of both antique designs and gold plating is made with relic decorations. The locket carries floral or Heena designs with pious initials in it. To add to its beauty, you can also ink facial texture of your beloved portrayed in it.

Cross locket is essentially a beautiful religious attire accessory for Christian in their entire life. It is available in a number of designs favourable to different people and attires. The lockets allow showing a fashion standard with a religious touch to your jewellery collection. With different metals like Gold and Silver, it gives you different positive vibes for a healthy and secure tomorrow with the love and blessings of the elders or loved ones. One can choose from a number of cross locket images available on the internet in accordance with their choice that can change their life style and passion.

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