Top 9 Stone Jewelry Designs

Gemstones are mineral crystals which can be cut and shaped to make jewelry and other adornments. Gemstones are usually hard, but soft minerals are also used in jewellery because of their aesthetic value. Many stones are rare, which make stone jewelry expensive. While most stones are found in nature, some can also be created artificially. In modern times, some of the precious stones are- diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, quartz, amethyst and turquoise.

Beautiful Stone Jewelry Designs:

Here are the top 9 stone jewellery designs as follows.

1. American Diamond Stone Jewelry Set:

stone jewelry

Diamonds are the most precious stones. They are the rarest and the prettiest. They are rightfully called ‘a woman’s best friend’. This set is a diamond based piece with semi-precious stones. It can be worn by the bride on her wedding day. The intricate design gives it a majestic look and is sure to steal everyone’s attention. It is one of the best stone jewellery designs.

2. Stone Jewelry Bracelet:


This elegant bracelet is made of round stones. It gives a coral look and the color of the jewelry stones is soothing to the eyes. The smooth texture makes it comfortable to wear and the large stone in the middle has a rough but nice texture. This bracelet can be worn on anything. It gives a simple summer look to the hands. It is a good colour stone jewellery.

3. Stone Jewelry Pop Necklace:


This classy neck piece is made of smooth purple agate ovals, attached to a golden chain. The large stones have a loud look, and thus will look good on simple dresses. This design is found with most stones jewellers these days. This is a fine example of color stone jewellery.

4. Amethyst Stone Jewelry Earrings:


Amethyst is one of the most prized stones belonging to the quartz family. It is appreciated for its purple hue, which has different tones. This unique pair of earrings has pear shaped amethyst stones dangling from square stones. It is beautiful and can be worn to parties.

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5. Emerald Stone Jewelry Necklace:


Emerald is one of the most precious gemstones. It is known for its fine green color. This beautiful necklace has a line of emerald stones hung by a golden chain. The stones have an attractive color and look simple. This can be worn by young women and will look good over traditional as well as western attire.

6. Citrine Stone Jewelry Earrings:


Citrine is a yellow, transparent variety of quartz. These citrine earrings with pearls are one of a kind. They are beautiful and elegant. They can be worn over traditional as well as western attire. They are not too heavy nor too simple, thus they have the perfect look.

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7. Turquoise Stone Jewelry Anklet:


Anklets are back in fashion. This gold-chained anklet with a turquoise stone in the middle will make you go wow. It is simple and classy and looks good with a summer dress.

8. Ruby Diamond Stone Jewelry Ring:


This ring has a loud and fabulous look. The large ruby in the center is has two diamonds on either side. It has a heavy look and can be paired with identical earrings. This is one of the finest jewelry stones.

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9. Quartz Stud Stone Jewelry Earrings:


These earrings are simple and cute. The white quartz studs look elegant. They can be worn with anything and can be found with most stones jewellers. The simplicity of these make it look good on whoever wears them. They can be worn on a regular basis.

There are a lot of stone jewellery designs that have gained popularity in the recent past. Color stone jewellery can be found with most stones jewellers these days.