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Top 9 Stylish Locket Pendants for Women and Men

Locket pendants are such that you can wear it in your daily life. It is a small or big size pendant of the variety of designs which are hanged in a silver or gold chain. You can get pendant in Gold, Silver, etc. There can be many designs like religious, fancy, diamond studded and with other gem stones too. One who likes to wear pendant necklace can explore the variety of designs in the pendant.

Cute and Stylish Locket Pendants:

Let’s find here with shown locket pendants which will fulfill your needs of fashion.

1. Butterfly Brooch Locket Pendant:

Butterfly Brooch Locket Pendant

This is a gold locket pendant attached with butterfly brooch and round ring. This beautiful butterfly is embossed with shining white diamonds and even on the layer of a ring; there is a round series of diamonds. The mixture of butterfly and the open ring is looking awesome as a pendant.

2. Traditional Locket Pendant:

Traditional Locket Pendant

This locket pendant is having a religious theme based design. In this, ‘OM’ created and ‘Hari’ written in Hindi. The half-moon design over ‘OM’ is having diamonds attached. It depicts the dual power of Hari and Hari i.e. Shiva. This can be a best gift option for you.

3. Shri Yantra Locket Pendant:

ShriYantra Locket Pendant

A Shri Yantra is crafted over this locket pendant necklace on silver. This Shri Yantra contains the power of Goddess Durga. Shri Yantra is very auspicious to keep at home or at your office. Believers even wear it as locket and keep receiving their blessings.

4. Glass Style Locket Pendant:

Glass Style Locket Pendant
This glass is having the shape of heart locket pendant covered with gold. Dried flowers are placed inside this glass which is clearly visible. This glass pendant always looks gorgeous and captivating. This glass is nicely cut down and it’s visible from its thickness.

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5. Lovers Special Locket Pendant:

Lovers Special Locket Pendant

It is photo locket pendant in heart design. You can keep small photos of your beloved ones on both these sides. This type of locket is highly used by lovers and they keep photos of each other in this heart. They express their love for each other in this way.

6. Diamond Style Rounded Locket Pendant:

Diamond Style Rounded Locket Pendant
This round shape diamond locket pendant is having beaming qualities. In middle circle, there are number of diamond stone studded and one more round series is there with overall diamonds. Circular diamond design pendant are not much in use.

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7. Heart Locket with Bow:

Heart Locket with Bow

This gold heart locket pendant is having a unique concept of locket. There is watch inside this heart design and a bow is tied with white lace. This is two purpose locket designs which you can use as a pendant and watch too. Wearing it will make you appear distinct.

8. Teardrop Locket Necklace:

Teardrop Locket Necklace
This silver locket pendant is simply amusing with teardrop design. A cool shape of teardrop is given to this pendant with silver strings and in the middle there is one soft pearl is attached. It seems like silver strings are protecting this pearl. This design is just lovely and so pretty.

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9. Yellow Sapphire Locket Pendant:

Yellow Sapphire Locket Pendant

This pendant locket is made up of yellow sapphire in Gold. Instead of yellow sapphire you can even insert other gem stones also. Many people wear this stone studded pendant who believe in Astrology. It is oval shape yellow sapphire depicting the qualities of Jupiter.

While wearing a locket pendant you need to take extra care of getting snatched away. Pendants of delicate designs worn over any occasions can make you the centre of attraction. It makes you look something different than regular one.

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