What Clothes to Wear for Zumba Class

What Clothes to Wear for Zumba Class

Zumba fitness classes remain wildly popular with millions of people worldwide participating monthly. If you’re new to this cardio-dance fitness you’re probably wondering what clothes to wear for Zumba classes. Even if you’ve been attending Zumba fitness aerobics classes for a while you might be wondering if what you’re wearing is helping or hindering your workout. Read on to find out what clothes to wear for Zumba class so you can have a great experience while reducing your risk of injury.


Zumba fitness classes burn a lot of calories and are generally high impact, so you definitely want loose material and supportive undergarments. Invest in a high quality maximum support bra. If you’re not sure which kind of bra to wear for Zumba class, try brands like Adidas, Moving Comfort and Champion. Proper fitting undergarments are an important foundation for your Zumba class outfit. Improperly fitting garments can chafe and even injure your skin and that would definitely put a damper your Zumba class experience.

What Clothes to Wear for Zumba Class

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Zumba Class Clothing

When it comes to what clothes to wear for Zumba classes, there’s a lot more flexibility. Wear whatever makes you happy, as long as it is not so tight that your breathing or movement is restricted. Consider t-shirts, tank tops, workout pants, capris, shorts. If you’re not sure what clothes to wear for Zumba class, add confidence to your workout by pairing a New Balance Heidi Klum Women’s Workout Tank with So Low Workout Legging, which won’t interfere with exercise movement.

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Since you’re going to sweat, it’s a good idea to add to your clothes for Zumba class a pair of high-quality sports socks that will keep your feet cool and dry throughout the routine. Keep in mind that Zumba fitness classes can run up to 90 minutes in length, so you’ll need to wear socks that will keep you comfortable for the long-run.

What Clothes to Wear for Zumba Class

Once you’ve chosen what clothes to wear for Zumba class, keep your hair far from your face by tying it back in a neat ponytail and then holding it back with a bandanna or sweat band. This will help you stay focused on the routine at hand and not on worrying about grabbing a towel to wick away sweat.

Also, don’t forget to pick the right shoes for a Zumba exercise workout. Choose shoes that offer stability and cushion your movements. Observe the amount of traction on the shoes. Too much traction can impede dance footwork in Zumba.

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