What to Wear on a Plane Trip

What to Wear on a Plane Trip

Going through all those check-ins, and security points can be so exhausting – that’s why comfort is of key-importance when choosing an outfit for a longer trip on a plane.

The following tips will give you an idea on what to wear on a plane and how to dress both for comfort and style when flying on a plane.

The looser the better Stiff and tight clothes would make you feel really uncomfortable. Opt for pants that give you enough space to stretch and relax. For a stylish landing choose jeans that look still chic even after a 4 hour long flight. Boyfriend jeans or those that lack spandex are perfect for a trip. This also refers to shirts, t-shirts and other upper wear.

What to Wear on a Plane TripWhat to Wear on a Plane Trip

Dark colors Light colored clothes are always considered a ‘no-no’ when it comes to plane trips. If you’re not 100% confident in your skills on juggling with the cup of coffee on the plane, you better choose a dark colored outfit. Longer trips are especially critical. You can wear the same outfit even for several days. Why not look immaculate and stylish.

Dress in layers Due to the frequent climate change, you might feel better if you can take off some pieces. To be ready for any circumstances, try to organize your outfit. Start with a comfy t-shirt then you can choose a jacket or a zippered hoodie for lower temperatures. Trenches and cardigans are more than appropriate for business trips. Easy to wear clothes will make your flight enjoyable and less exhausting.

What to Wear on a Plane TripWhat to Wear on a Plane Trip

Essential slip-on shoes Leave your pumps and any skyscraper heels at home. Flats are definitely your best choice to wear. Don’t forget in extreme situations your are even asked to remove your shoes. Slip-ons are great, they’re comfortable and very stylish.

Plus, you can slip out of them when you feel the need to stretch your feet. Wear sneakers or ballet flats, the latter can be very stylish if your are on a business flight.

Get inspired by celebrities when choosing your outfit, as they always dress both for comfort and style when flying on a plane.

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