Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020

Clothes are an essential element in a professional environment as they sometimes can say more than the words themselves and therefore become a meaning of communication. You just have to play the rules of a balanced style, not too dull and gloomy, yet not too extravagant. Try to follow the dress code your job requires. Usually, this is the starting point of finding the right working girl style. Then, try to follow the trends and adapt them to your own personal preferences and personality.

If you are more into the timeless style, you can always choose a well-tailored suit for a classic working girl. Classicism always conquers almost every fashion show, while timeless pieces in darker colors become the most elegant options for an office look. Black seems to be the main color, but keep in mind that navy blue, gray, or discrete stripes can also be a smart choice. You can draw your inspiration from this season’s collections such as Bottega Veneta, Paul & Joe, Givenchy, or Dolce & Gabbana. To break the monotony of the entire aspect, you can go for a pair of colored shoes. On the other hand, if you are more non-conformist type of girl, dare to try more interesting combinations, like drawing your inspiration from the beautiful costumes in the Edwardian and Victorian age.

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Bottega VenetaWorking Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Dolce & Gabbana

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Zac PosenWorking Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Salvatore Ferragamo

It is more than obvious that trousers seem to be the number one choice when it comes to a working girl outfit. However, you should know that skirts and dresses can look as formal and severe as a pair of pants does. Therefore, why not choosing a feminine skirt and a blazer? What is so wonderful about this type of combination is that you can create a formal, office look adding a bit of masculinity, yet not loosing entirely your feminine side.

You can still match a dress with a cape or a cropped jacket, pointed-toed pumps, and a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. Depending on the type of the job, if this allows you a less severe look, you can choose in the upper part a knitted clothing item. The Speedy bag was first introduced in 1930 and it was specially created for active women. Since then, its style and look was reinterpreted and this fall it comes in a different version, more elegant and sophisticated. There is no doubt that it can not only upgrade your working girl look, but it can also boost self confidence.

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Dries Van NotenWorking Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Salvatore Ferragamo

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Louis VuittonWorking Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Louis Vuitton

Masculine influences are still a hot trend for fall/winter 2020-2020. You can find them in the most rigorous, minimalist version, inspired by office outfits. For an elegant and sophisticated look you definitely need a tailor suit with a jacket and skinny pants such as seen at Dsquared2 or Dries Van Noten. Matched with shirts and silk ties in white, dark gray, or camel, colors that are so hot this season, you will certainly turn heads.

If what you want is a severe, yet sophisticated look, minimalism is the perfect choice for you. This way, your outfit will express formality without losing its chic touch. Having clean lines, minimalist outfits are very eye catching despite their so-called simplicity. You can choose a little black dress, white shirts, jodhpur-style pants, and many other items that can help you create a timeless, minimalist look.

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Dries Van NotenWorking Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Michael Kors

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Stella McCartneyWorking Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Céline

Accessories play a major role when it comes to finding the right working girl outfit. Moreover, they can totally save or ruin your look. A nice, elegant belt worn when needed and matched appropriately can add style and elegance. Also, remember that a well-chosen scarf can always complete in an almost perfect way an outfit that seems to have nothing special. If you choose it in a more special color, your scarf can bring that extra touch to a boring look. A pair of gloves are not only stylish, but they also work great for lady-like style.

Maybe the most important accessories for a business outfit are the shoes. There are certain rules one should follow in order to wisely choose the perfect pair. First of all, they should be comfortable. Second, the right shoes should have the appropriate heels. By “appropriate heels” we understand not ballerina flats, but also not too high heels. Moderation is the basic rule. In fact, moderation is the key to anything. However, if your job allows you to wear other types of footwear, such as Oxfords, then you can make different, unique outfits having as starting point the shoes.

Working Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Marc JacobsWorking Girl Outifts Fall/Winter 2020-2020Chloé

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